Double Stimulation Methods / Finishers

Hi, I’ve read your article about Double Stimulation Training, sounds really interesting, and makes really good sense in my head…
I train a full body Workout routine 3 times a weeks, somtimes only two, foucse on low reps & strength.

I want to blast up my delts and my back with the two following methods, but do u think I should do them as a finnisher, or should I do them the day after my main workouts, what would be more beneficial?

Seated Machine Rows: 2-3 sets of 25 reps, focusing on squeeze’n hold and slow negatives, if used as a finnisher I would only do one set

Snatch grip BTN-Press: 2-3 sets of 10+10+10, going from strictpress to pushpress to PushJerk, also focusing on a hold on the top and slow negatives…If used as a finnisher I would also do just one set…

Any answer from anyone would do ! :smiley: