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Double Stimulation and Nutrition


After 8 successfull weeks of “Layer” (+3 kgs without gaining much fat) I just finished my first week of double stimulation training.
What I immediately recognized was the fact that I seemed to gain more fat compared to the previous weeks I think mostly due to the fact, I increased cal.intake, because I thought training 6times a week with 2 CNS days (Bench + squat and Deadlift and overheadpress) and 4 hypertrophy days might actually be more demanding than the layer-system…

Just to get things clear. My nutrition during “layer” was based on carb cycling with
2 “high carb” days on “squat” and “deadlift” day,
3 moderate days on the “press” and “back” and “chest” day and
2 “low carb” days on my off or conditioning days.
total cal.intake was between 3000kcal on low and 3900 on high days ( I’m a 1,74m 80kg guy with pretty low bodyfat)

I gained approx. 300g per week

So when I changed the training system to the double stimulation system, I increased carbs by 25g on all 7 days, high carb days on CNS 1: Bench and Squat and on “legs and traps” hypertrophy day

I gained 1 kg per week. little bit too much isn’ it? :smiley:

Should I rather eat more carbs on the hypertrophy days (specifially on the leg and and back days) or on the CNS days?

As always thank you.
And sry for grammar faults, english isn’t my first language.


Although it will sound counter-intuitive, have more carbs on the CNS days. Hypertrophy work, especially if the eccentric is emphasized DECREASES insulin sensitivity whereas CNS work like heavier and more explosive lifting increases it.


Good day CT!

We have couple of type-1 diabetics talking about stuff like insulin sensitivity and effects of exercise etc.

(thread: My Son's Type I Diabetes - A Year After Mind Blowing Nutritional Realizations)

We have slightly discussed this phenomenon you mention here. I must say what you say seems to be true in my case at least. Do you happen to know more about the subject or could you possibly point to a source of information conserning this?

I’ve read some insulin/peri-workout nutrition recommendations for high level bodybuilders and it took me a while to figure out why the insulin numbers seemed so high compared to the carb content. But then I realized that I’m doing more strength focused training and therefore requiring less insulin during workout, thus validating your point.