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Double Progression Full Body


Coach -

I want to use double progression for a few cycles to see how I respond to adding reps before adding weight. What would you change about what I came up with to be more optimal? I can only commit to lifting 3x a week for a period of time so that’s why I’m sticking with full body for now. The reason for main barbell lifts is because I want to go back to basics for a while. Farmers walks will be thrown in on Monday and Friday.

Goal is to increase muscle mass and fine tune the basic movement patterns.

Back Squat - 5x5-8
OH Press - 5x5-8
BB Row - 5x8-10
RDL - 5x8-10
*Assistance (Dips, curls, abs, etc.)

Front Squat - 5x3-5
Deadlift - 5x3-5
Bench Press - 5x5-8
Chin-Ups - 5x10-15
*Assistance (Dips, curls, abs, etc.)

FRIDAY (Lighter than Monday’s Load)
Back Squat - 5x8-10
OH Press - 5x8-10
Pendlay Row - 5x8-10
Lunges - 5x10-12
*Assistance (Dips, curls, abs, etc.)


Monday and friday decrease the volume to 3 work sets per exercises since you have loaded carries. And I think that 5 sets per exercise is too much for what you are doing for moderate reps, I’d stick to 4


Thanks Coach appreciate the input!