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Double Progression for Those Who Can't Handle Intensity

Good afternoon Christian I hope you are doing well today. I wanted to ask a question about an idea you floated around a while back. It was a method for getting the benefits of double progression but geared toward those who get burnt out easily when intensity is pushed too high. I remember some of the frame work out it such as you still picked a rep range and tried to hit a certain number on that first set with a given weight then decreased the weight by 10% and tried to do one more rep then you had previously done etc. I’m sure I could find the whole post somewhere, but I just wanted to see if this was an idea you still approved of or if your thoughts on the matter had changed?

I ask mostly because I’ve been doing one of your double progression routines that you wrote about two years ago, your ideal approach template of power building template as some have come to call it on the forum. Basically it was a total double progression routine start to finish and while I’ve been hitting it hard for several weeks I’m feeling quite a bit beat up. I think part of my problem is I’m not very good at stopping a set short of failure. to me it seems that’s an important part of making the system work. I try to pay attention to rep speed but it still seems like after each workout I’m cooked. Unlike some of your other linear progression routines which while challenging of course, I feel much more energized after them and my motivation to get back in the gym during them is much higher.

Now knowing all of that Would I be a good candidate for the other double progression you wrote about or is there something else you might see as more effective when it comes to a hypertrophy progression model?

Thank you in advance for your time

I found the original write up. It was part of your Micro-PA forum from about two years ago. Just in case the way I was describing it didn’t make sense.