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Double Prescription Test?


Hi All,
On HRT Test Cip. The insurance co sent me my prescription and my Doc gave me the script that I went to the pharmacy and purchased with my money. Here is my question. Will the Doc know that it was filled twice?


I doubt the doctor will know. If the pharmacy submitted it to insurance then the insurance company will know. Have you ever given the pharmacy your insurance information?


Did they give you the second prescription yet? Otherwise there's usually a refill limit on meds.


Don't be a fool. What you are proposing is called fraud. Testosterone is a schedule three federal controlled substance. You will be found out and your doctor will never trust you again.


since testosterone in the US is a controlled substance (you know because we all go crazy on it and rape and pillage) they may not fill the second script...i would go to a different pharmacy chain altogether. Of course all of this is for not when he runs follow up labs and you are way high at which point he will think his regularly scripted amount was too high to begin with and lower the prescription amount which in the end will screw you.


Both on insurance or one paid by cash?


listen to what morepain said.
what are you gonna do after blood work and you T is high due to your double script, the Dr will think that his original script dose was too high, so your next script will be lowered. then what?


Duuh just inject half the perscibed amount and the tests will warrant an increase of dose to what you really want. Problem solved.


Thanks for the input. One was filled by my insurance co and the other was purchased at an independent compounding pharmacy with cash.


If are injecting more than the script says, you will run out early, and then what do you do? Your doctor will likely blackball you and then it's good luck even finding a doctor that will talk to you.

The kind of thing you are talking about only works if you change TRT doctors and one of them gave you a script that has refills left on it, and the new doctor doesn't know.

But then there is that whole "federal crime" felony thing having two prescibing doctors writing scripts for the same medication...


Listen to the man, I played this game and LOST! He lowered my already ridiculously low dose and had me re-tested several weeks later and found my levels had actually GONE UP, imagine his curiousity! I eventually had to come clean with my self medicating protocol at which point he ceased in prescribing my beloved Androgel.

I'm now "self medicating" brewing my own from powder and self administering. Personally I kinda prefer the results of MY prescibed amount, LOL.
The negative is that this is now an ALL out of pocket expense as opposed to insurance covering it AND IT IS NOT LEGAL! At any given moment my "pharmacy" could "go out of business" and at the very least, leave me searching for another "pharmacy", or else, sitting in a very small room with little sunlight for long periods of time!
The plus side? I'm 5'6" tall @ almost 230 lbs and as strong as a f*cking bull!

I'm in the pipeline construction field as a supervisor and the twenty something year old laborers come to me when they need someone "strong" to lift/move something and I'm almost 50 years old!


GOOD TO SEE YOU BROTHER! nice to have another tattooed freak around here...


Thanks MP, good to see you too