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Double Post Workout

Recently I have been hitting the post workout window extra hard during a bulking phase. Immediately after my workout, I have Surge or some other post workout drink with hydrolisized whey. Then 30 min later i have another shake with WPC (cheap) and a good bit of sugar (dextrose). Then an hour later I have a post workout P+C meal. This has been working extremely well for me. Anyone else used similar method? I am interested in any other strategies for post workout meals.

Well been doing sort of the same only more of a focus on Pre w/o nutrition.

I mix 1 serving (2 scoops) Surge 1/2 hr before I begin my w/o. Slam half of it. Then during my warm up and maybe the first set or so at the lateset I have the rst gone. This gives ma a good dose of energy for the w/o from the carbs and has the aminos allready flowing in the blood to hopefully halt catabolism somewhat befoer it starts.

Then Immediate PWO I have another Surge or a Whey shake with simple cereals like puffed rice or the like.

1 HR after that I have a nice big P+C meal and I’m set.

Been working great for me.

Pretty much the deal deal here, as Phill.

I’ve found this method to really help me while bulking:

Full serving of Surge preworkout/warmup

Half a serving of Surge sipped after the half-way point of my session

Another half serving of Surge after the session

Then, 30 minutes later a full serving of Surge or Bagel/cereal and Low-Carb Grow!

Same thing as above 30-60 minutes after that

Resume normal eating 2-3 hours later

I know it seems like a lot of Surge, but I love it, and to me, it’s worth it. You can always go with some high GI carbs and a liquid protein source, instead.

Hope this helps! Don’t be afraid to eat!

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