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Double Overhand Weight


just curious....how much more can u guys lift baseball grip than double overhand deadlift?? i know i have a weak grip so its alot but i can lift around 60kg more..


For deadlift?


whats baseball grip??


Assuming that you're referring to mixed grip, I'd say about 40 lbs since grip is no longer my weak point. Started training real hard with my dad's old gripper and planning on getting a CoC soon.


baseball grip as in mixed grip.....and yes for deadlift...i can pull a good 130lbs more like that...i know its alot..my problem is i have basically what u might call girl hands hehe..


No idea. I can hook grip anything I can DL and thus never use mixed.


i can pull prob about 100lbs more mixed grip too, although i dont go very heavy double overhand.


About 50 lbs.




I'm guessing I can hold on to over 200 lbs. more with the mixed grip. With a decent bar and some chalk I can probably hold something in the low 400's double overhand. I've pulled 675 at a meet with a mixed grip and wasn't in any danger of losing my grip. I've always been able to hold way more with a mixed grip than I can actually DL off the floor.


i was used to train double overhand and i could never get past 130kg(at 66kg bw)...after i switched to mixed grip around a year later(now) i can deadlift 190kg(at 71kg) but i doubt i can pull more than 130kg double overhand..


about 50-60lbs more mixed grip.


Best deadlift ever (so far) mixed grip was 515. Managed to pull 470 pretty easily with hook grip.




Not really worried bout it?


I just deadlift with double overhand until that grip can't hold the weight anymore then I switch to mixed. I always get past my last warm-up set with double overhand so I'm happy enough


Always used a mix grip. I've never worried about it .


I'm on the order of 100 pounds more using mixed-grip. I have stubby fingers, can't even do a hook grip if I tried haha.


i pulled my recent PR (485) with a double-overhand grip. it just feels more natural to me than a mixed grip.


I definitely pull more on mixed grip than hook grip. I usually start with the later and then as I go heavier, switch.

There was a time where I dedicated 2 months of my training pulling with hook grip, going back to an easier weight at first and then increasing each week. The progress was great but I got lazy and gave up.