Double Labrum Tear, Injury Nutrition for Muscle Retention?

Hey guys, I was just told I have labrum tears in my shoulder and to avoid upper body work until Pt and/or surgery can fix me up a bit. I was wondering what kind of nutrition I can focus on while I am out for the next 4-6 months to help in reducing muscle loss.

  • How much protein should I be consuming? (I am a 185 lbs male, 33 yo, 13% BF)
  • Should I continue to take daily Creatine supplement?
  • Any other supps with a track record in muscle loss?


I have a labral tear in my shoulder that I’ve been rehabbing and lifting heavy with for years in order to avoid the surgery. Are you definitely having surgery? Have you started PT yet?

Give me a bit more information and I can tell you what’s worked for my shoulder.

Also, if you’re worried about reducing muscle loss, good news - you can work your legs and still get strong as shit.

Sorry to hear. There are many varieties of labrum tear, and lots of variables to consider whether you go the PT or surgery route. Not sure who you’ve seen, but I think it makes sense to get 2nd opinions (or more), trying to get in with well known sports oriented orthos in your area. Some seem to just put old people back together, some seem to knee-jerk think everything requires surgery, etc. Surgery is a huge commitment, as is long term physical therapy, especially if either wasn’t the ideal option for your situation. Some insurances won’t pay for surgery without a round of PT first though.

I had a torn labrum repaired in 2003, and tore it again last July. The 2nd time around surgery options are different, so I went with PT as I don’t really do anything competitive anymore. It was maybe 3 months before I could touch any weights, and I’m still maybe around 70% where I was last July. I don’t have any nutrition advice, but you’ll want to figure out a bare minimum routine of what you CAN do, and focus on that, no matter how minimal it seems. If you can get a SSB that will go a long ways. After about a month the SSB felt fine on my shoulder, and I think keeping that going kept at least some of the weight loss at bay (I could only load with my left hand though, so it was all 25’s, 10’s, 5’s… looked ridiculous). Come to think of it I did keep the casein shakes going, no idea if that was ideal or did anything but it allowed me to think I was helping something. Best of luck, and let us know more about the labrum tears (size, location, how they happened, etc).

Old thread. But i am fairly certain I am dealing with a torn labrum (no mri done yet) and am interested in what has worked for you as far as rehab goes.

I have been able to train through/around pain for a quite a while now, but not sure if anyone has had success actually improving the stability of the shoulder without surgery.


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