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Double Label on Tren Ace

im 4 1/2 weeks in on my test cyp and tren ace cycle and i pulled my label off of my tren ace to better see the last bit that was in this bottle and it had a double lable on it and neither had a busted hologram. first label “tren ace 100mg/1ml” typical. bottom lable “test cyp 250mg/1ml” WTF. Now ive ran enough tren and test to come to the conclusion that my tren ace is in fact tren ace but in the back of my head im questioning it still.

Its brownish yellowish draws like ace and has a lil pip plus the insomnia is back. but still needless to say i texted my guy this morning and sent him a pick and wtf. So im thinking some tard was slapping lables drunk and then realised later oh shit thats tren but wtf does that say about my gear. goddammitt. this is a new guy ive been using and the gear legit ugl’s ive heard of and ran before but you never know.

Has anyone else had this happen? in 6 years of running aas ive never had this happen once. now im questioning my guy not that he may have anything to do with it but fuck i pay alot of money not to have shit like this happen and not to have to wait 3months or worry about customs and ss.

you ever get the cough after pinning?

[quote]ty_ty13 wrote:
you ever get the cough after pinning?[/quote]
not on this batch, but yeah ive had it right after pinning once before I drank a little water and was good. i found out that this batch was a mislable issue and is gtg.

that would freak me out