Double Knee Bend

I am trying my best to get the knee bend. but its not happening i think i am pulling too early for my clean and snatches. help will be appreciated MVI 0148 - YouTube

how much is that

just 145lbs

the knee-bend will be more noticeable once you finish the pull and bring the hips all the way through. You are bending your arms before the bar meets your hip crease. Don’t think so much about the double knee bend, just think about finishing the pull with the hips. Once you feel that bar is at the hip crease (this takes so time to get comfortable with), continue to extend the hips/knees upward and THAT is when you guide/bend the arms with high-and-out elbows.

You do not ‘learn’ to double knee bend, it just ‘happens’ involuntarily. I would widen the snatch grip as right now your arms are bending the moment the bar passes your knees and it looks like you are pulling the bar with your arms. A wider grip will force your hips lower in the starting position, let you stay longer over the bar and guide it into the pocket of your hips. Then and only then you ‘explode’ with the bar. Great bottom position, by the way.

Looks good mate overall.

Don’t think about it, the double knee bend happens because of the 1st and 2nd pulls

1st pull, sweeps the bar in towards your hips/ hip crease
2nd pull, hips extend and your knees start to drive

THIS causes the double knee bend.

Looks good overall mate, just need to
-keeps hips down at the start a tad more
-keep arms straight for longer, they bend too early, use your lats to pull the bar in WITH STRAIGHT ARMS
-more forceful drive up with your hips

Keep it up!