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Double Kettlebell Front Squat Carryover to Front Squat?

Hey there!
I am fairly new to kettlebells.
What do you guys think about transfer from doing high frequency double kettlebell front squat to front squat?
I mean: is double kettlebell front squat going to help with my front squat?
Is there a transfer in the movement pattern?

I’m sure it wouldn’t hinder it.

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The movement pattern is similar, the loading isn’t. Unless you’re using the 64 lbs kbs and up, you’re unlikely to be loading anything even close to what you would with a bar. Usually front squats are limited by how much your upper and middle back can hold, so it’s unlikely kbs will help much with that aspect.


Imo, heavy goblet squats, stone squats, plate squats and heavy rack holds are going to help your front squat more so than kb squats. Like Mark said, unless you’re up to using really heavy front rack kettlebell squats, you won’t see much carryover.

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