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I was just finishing up another chapter in my ISSA CFT text. I decided to go peruse the ol' Facebook and I saw this dumb girl with a picture of her arm extended. It was hyperextended quite a bit at the elbow, and someone commented how her arm looked weird. She replied "I'm double jointed you dumbass."

This made me remember all those weird things we'd do as kids, like popping thumbs, locking fingers in weird positions, crazy hyperextension of joints, etc.

Now that I know way more about the body, I want to know what that's all about.

The kids would ALWAYS say something about being "double-jointed." What does that mean? Is that even accurate? What's really going on here?


It's just that some people are naturally more flexible than others, and females are generally more flexible than males. I've seen a lot of women able to hyperextend their elbows like that without any pain, so I think that just might be one of those things that's gender specific like ovulation and shoe shopping.


They're a step above ginger kids ... part of the soul-less army of Satan


That, coupled with your avatar of Ron Burgundy was hilarious...


It's a joint thing not a tendon/muscle thing.


My oldest son is double jointed. His Pediatrician told him he should never do gymnastics because of it. The ignorant things people will say...


This will probably answer anything on the subject:


Absolutely true...I once saw a ginger flailing double jointed arms trying to take flight


I saw a girl who could do this "flip" thing with her elbows and then disjoint them completely. seriously, they were free-swinging and hanging backwards. I say I saw her because I don't want to admit knowing her. Another part of her genetic uniqueness was she was a massive bitch.


probably part of their plan to attack by air...


I was engaged to a gal that could do that. Her cousin was a cop and he put cuffs on her behind her back, she just did the elbow thing and had them in front of her in like 2 seconds. She was a big lady too.



the only thing women should be allowed to hyperextend is their jaw.