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Double-Jointed Shoulder

My left shoulder is double-jointed and because of this most shoulder exercises are out. I mean I try doing shoulder press with dumbells but it clicks everytime I come down which causes pain… I can press to an extent but cannot really go as heavy as I want, any exercises recommended for my situation?


Please explain exactly what you mean by “double-jointed”.

Be very clear.

How can a ball socket be double jointed? It is not. You likely have rotator cup or tendon damage in your shoulder.

Go see a doctor, if a “doctor” told you it was “double-jointed” then go see a real doctor who has a clue about bone and joint problems.

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How can I explain this properly…
Basically my left shoulder, I can click it in a weird way when I want to, but it also clicks when doing shoulder exercises and it gives pain while exercising compared to if I do it myself it does not hurt?

I dont know how to really explain it, I can only handle front and side raises but is this enough for big delts?

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I suffered (still suffer) from a similar problem. You will need to do a lot of assistance work. Your external rotators are probably very weak as well.

You are not double jointed and do not try and work around the problem. Confront it by strengthening what is weak. Nothing sucks more than people laughing at you doing 5 pound external rotations but in a month you will double if not triple that and continue to progress.

Read about shoulder anatomy and take a hard look at what is not working. Then find some exercises to bring your lagging areas up to snuff. Surprisingly enough when I started doing this work all my upper body lifts went up. I can even do pull ups now without a problem.

Lots of peoples shoulders “click”. But, you may be using too much weight. Drop the load and see how you go. Also, are you warming up sufficiently with some light sets first?

One last thing. Never say “double-jointed” ever again.

Yeah I warm-up with light sets and stretch before that also. I cannot be using too heavy weight as I use 16kg dumbells and my shoulder starts to hurt at 14kg dumbells. AlteredState, if I have weak rotator cuff muscles how will that make my shoulder click? Not sure where to go from this point, seeking proffesional advice is probably the best way, and RWElder0, what kind of strengthing work are you suggesting as you seem to have or had the same problem?

Take a look here http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance/cracking_the_rotator_cuff_conundrum

Also take a look at this thread http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/sports_body_training_performance_bodybuilding/shoulder_pain_12

Hope there’s some help in there for you.

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Yesterday I was doing single arm shoulder press with a dumbell, my left shoulder clicked out of place and I had to drop the weight suddenly, today my shoulder hurts, should I seek medical help or can this problem be treated just by strengthening the rotator cuff? Because I cant lift anything above my head…

I would take a trip to the doc. just to make sure there is nothing serious going on before starting to attack the weak muscles

Chances are you hurt your shoulder due to an imbalance or weakness in one or several of the muscles the hold the ball of your humerus in the socket of your shoulder. These relatively small muscles are all that stand in the way of most healthy lifters and shoulder injuries.

You are now in the later group. Pay attention to what people are telling you. There is no such thing as a double jointed shoulder. Your humeral head is simply loose in the joint in one direction or another and hence weight bearing exercises are causing you pain. Fix the weak parts.

+1 on seeing the doctor. Shoulder injuries are routine for the average GP and a good physical should be able to reveal quite a bit about the problem. Get help before you need surgery to repair it!

Hi man. im 21 and have been going to the gym for about 6 months, recently ive been having a very similar issue that you had with your shoulder and was wondering what solution you found to help out with it. it would be really helpful to me thank you.

Just so you know, this thread is from 2008. So, very slim chance anyone who posted in it will reply.

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