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Double Jointed Problem

hey guys

well i’m Double jointed and basicly i’m to felxibale for exercises like dips, which goes against me.

i used to do some of things when i was younger, like the jumprope, shoulder bald one and windmill etc

what kinds of exercises can i do to strenghten the joint muscles in my shoulder??

HMM. well i say work on a limited ROM. In basic stop the move where anyone everyone else would or earlier and ain to build mass etc and Hopefully lose some flexibility. in your case you are to flexible for your sport. that happens even to ppl who stretch a lot you can become to flexible for your chosen sport Like PLing lose the heavy stetch reflex.

HMM also may sound crazy but for benching etc maybe a lose bench shirt that would pout the tension on almost like the usual person etc.

In thje end work with what you have bro dont strecth to muc as your flexible as hell.

about all I can think of not really something I know a Lot about.


well when i reached 16 i never did anything like that and since i have been strenght training i lost some of that flexibilty and did alot of shoulder work…
i have put on alot muscle shoulder which is helping me right row.