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Double Ds Log


So, I'm deciding to start a training log mostly to keep myself honest with my training.

I plan to videotape the main lifts in my training sessions.

I currently have my split set up as follows:
Accessory day

I alternate between heavy squat and heavy dead.

On Acc day I do shoulders, upper back, odds and ends (grip, calves, rotator cuffs), and reinforce anything I feel like needs it.

I've also been working in a lot of band and variation work on my main lifts to try and address some weaknesses.

I'm planning on doing my second full power meet at the end of august. I'm planning on gaining as much weight as I can, not cutting for the competition and lifting in whatever class I end up in (probably the 242s because my weight gaining hasn't been going that well) just to see what I personally am capable of. I then want to try to drop down to the 198-220 range to see if I can get an elite total.

My goal at the august comp will be a 1500+ total (this is in the SPF so raw with knee wraps).


7/11/10 Bench

Rev Band Bench Mediums

Wide grip bench
285 3x5

Close grip bench
275 3x5


7/12/10 Accessory

DB rows
140x10 with straps

LF shoulder press
110 3x15

IC standing calf raise
240 3x25

reverse IC standing calf raise
80 3x25

LF pulldown
180 3x15

DB lateral raise
30s 3x10

IC preacher curl
100 3x10

Smith shrug
290+bar 3x12

I'm taking a break from heavy overhead pressing due to shoulder issues. IC/LF are the brand names of the machines (Icarian and Life fitness) my gym has different brand machines for some exercises.


Question, how much assistance do the reverse bands provide? I have done band resisted (will be doin em today) but never band assisted bench.

Log is "A Southern Revolution," would love tips and any advice you could give.


Depends on the Bands you use, height you attach them, and what your bench mechanics are.

The 455 is probably 60-70 pounds more than I could do without them.


Awesome, thanks.


Like anything though, it takes a little getting used to. They may not aid as much at first as once you've worked the movement a while.

I just try to make sure my setup is consistent so progress is trackable. (choked the same way, from the same height est.)


I open this log in the hopes that I'd see some ( . )( . ), and all I get is video of some pasty white guy bench pressing.

JK, nice lifts and good to see you finally posting a log on here.


Pasty? I'm tan right now (for me). You should see pasty.

Good to see the old bate and switch is working though.


Nice lifting. Where are you in Tennessee?


south side of nashville.



Squat day. I didn't sleep well last night and today's training sucked. But some good came of it. Recording squats for the first time I see that my lower back round way more than I thought. I've been doing some stretching, but I'll be making hip mobility a priority now.

Was going to do moderately heavy with some moderate volume but just felt like shit. Its a bad sign when you're yawning walking into the gym. Planned on doing about a 5x2 with 405, but it just wasn't going to happen.


Rev band deadlift lights
315 8x2

IC leg extension
stack 3x15

IC standing single leg curl
90 3x12

Squat video tomorrow


Squat video.
First couple of sets without the belt you can really see my back flex.



Stretching and hip mobility work.

Ordered a foam roller so I can start incorporating soft tissue work.



315 5x2

Incline Bench

Front ab bridge x3

DB Fly
55s 3x6

Side bridge x3 each side



1 hour Bike Ride


7/17/10 bench video


7/19/10 accessory day

DB lateral raises
5s x a million
25s x5
35s x5
45s x8
50s 3x5

LF lat pull down

LF shoulder press
100 3x15

LF chest supported row
195 3x10

IC donkey calf raise
300 3x30

Reverse IC donkey calf raise
100 3x30

standing alternating DB curls
55s 3x16 (8 EA arm)


7/20/10 GPP
Stone carry hill "sprints" in my front yard.

Down/up x 3

The stone weighs 92 pounds according to my cheap-o scale. I always find that conditioning is a lot more pleasant with my training partner Roscoe. Boring video attached.


7/22/10 - DL

I hadn't pull a regular DL in a while but the weight felt pretty light. I started a bit of a hitch on the second heavy set though.

505 2x3

Front Squat
185 3x5

LF lying leg curl
120 3x12

IC leg extension
260 3x12