Double dosing M

Well, can you?
This will be Post Mag-10 cycle (also double dosed), w/ Tribex- 500.

This isn’t coming from an expert, but the only ingredient that would help you recover natural testosterone levels is the Vitex. The rest of the ingredients aren’t necessarily supposed to offer much more at higher dosages.

If you want to avoid the Tribex, just take the M and buy a bottle of Vitex for $10 and take an extra 400mg per day. Otherwise I think you’ll be wasting your money, if memory serves.

Biotest is pretty good about recommending the most necessary for an effect with their supplements, the possible exception being Methoxy.

Not so much worried about test recovery, as that will be handled by the Tribex, a little more concerned about estrogen-wrangling, if you know what I mean. (I think that I’ve got naturally high levels of E, as per my chubby nips and having been an obese teenager. [read: 300+lb seventeen yr old @ 5’8"])