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Double Dose 4-AD-EC?

I did a search for “double dose 4-AD-EC” but didn’t really find anything definitive. Has anyone double dosed 4-AD-EC and felt it was much better than single dosing? I finished a cycle a while ago on 1x a day with 2 dose frontload, and I loved it. Now I’m tempted to try double dosing but don’t want to waste money if the effect is minimal. Also, if I do double dose, should I frontload with 3 doses the first day (4 seems excessive)? Also, should I divide the doses, or both at once? Thanks for any and all advice

Anyone done 2x a day with 4-AD-EC or have any advice?

Has anyone done this? I would like to know also.


Anyone at all care to comment? Double-dose with 3 dose frontload the first day seem like a good idea? I know, maybe most of you are thinking “shut up, just do it and see fool!” but this is a lot of money for me to experiment with so I would like what other people have thought of this. If I’m just being an a$$hole that hasn’t searched the archives thoroughly enough, could someone excuse my ignorance for a moment and point it out to me. I seriously can’t seem to find anything “definitive.”

I haven’t used that product but I have used Mag10 and found that 1.5 dosing seemed to be the most effective dosing.

Yeah I think i’ll go with 1.5 doses a day with 3 dose frontload. Was your Mag-10 frontload 3 servings?

No, I just double dosed the front.

I’m wondering why you are selecting 4-AD-EC rather than Mag-10. As far as I know, there’s a strong consensus that Mag-10 is a superior anabolic, and delivers more bang for your buck.

The only advantage with 4-AD-EC of which I am aware is lack of natural T suppression. That is, Mag-10 will begin to suppress your own natural production of testosterone if used for more than about a couple of weeks, whereas 4-AD-EC is not suppressive of endogenous T.

Why are you using 4-AD-EC rather than Mag-10?

i recently did four weeks of 4-ad-ec. first two at one/day followed by two weeks at two/day. i honestly felt the exact same during each period, which was outstanding, i must say. gains were solid - i’d say i put on 7-8 pounds of muscle while leaning out a bit. strength increased markedly, as did vascularity.
to put it succinctly, i will definitely use 4-ad-ec again, at one dose a day, and i think i’ll use it for a long time.

Make sure you evenly spread the doses 8-12 hrs. apart. This will help you obtain maximum benefits.

Bluedreamer: I chose 4-AD-EC basically for 3 reasons. Less T supression like you mentioned, Costs less, and I love the CNS “benefits” I get from the 4-AD-EC. I’ll be doing another Mag-10 cycle sometime later this year when I’m firmly into my new job and more financially stable.

Shiner and Avoids Roids: Thanks for the advice. I kinda had a feeling that going over 1.5/day would just be a waste. I’m going with the 1.5/day and see how it compares to 1/day.

Tanker: Think divided doses is definitely the way to go? I’ll try it out.

I will be using 4-AD-EC starting next Sunday, but for weight loss, so I will use it only as an anabolic support, and therefore one dose a day. Two doses are supposed to be divided by as close to 12 hours as poss. I don’t think you are supposed to take more then 2 doses even at the beginning, as the bottle says do not exceed 2 doses a day.

As far as Mag-10, it has been recommended that people try 4-AD-EC first. Many people will get all the benefits they want from it. Then move to Mag-10 when 4-AD-EC is no longer powerful enough.

That being said, I am going to ignore that recommendation, and after I finish this diet, I am planning a Mag-10 cycle.

I double dosed for a couple of weeks and found the CNS effect of 1.5-2 doses to be more pronounced. I am currently using 1 a day and I find it works well but I think that as far as cost/effect goes 1.5 is actually the optimum dosage. If you are using two a day with 4 frontload you really are spending more money per two weeks than Mag-10 which at one dose per day seems to elicit greater strength and size gains. I have to say though that I love 4-ADEC I would stay on for months if it caused no suppression but since it does I limit to 3-4 weeks at the most with a couple weeks off in between.