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Double Disc Herniation and Deadlifts

just wondering out in the T-nation world if anyone else has had to deal with this ?

I have two 6mm disc herniations , one at L3-4 , the other at L4-5 .

I had a 455# at 198 and 50 years young .

Wondering what others have done for Rehab / Lower Back Strength training .

Thanks All .

Good to see you around these parts again.

What caused you to get the imaging?

I have herniations at the two EXACT locations. I will be posting a response later today about my rehab since last fall.

For now, scroll down in this pasted thread here and see my lengthy detailed post. 5/3/1 & Back Injuries

I do not have experience with those sort of injuries, but I know one person who has. He is a high-level powerlifter and only one year younger than you. He’s had all kinds of back issues and recently pulled 661 in a meet at 165#.

I don’t know all of the details of his recovery. I just know he credits much of his success to Dr. Stuart McGill.

Thanks Dr . Nice to be noticed and acknowledged .

I crashed during the 2013 Kamikaze mountain bike games , over the bars.
My primary care physician is also a “B” level athlete and all around badass ,
so he ordered a head to toe MRI and x-rays of my spine.
That is when we found the issue.

We both figure it was from a car-Cyclist (me) crash 2 Feb 92 . I hit broadside at the pelvis.
It just to age to catch up to me .