Double Chin While Bulking

Im an ecto so Im used to lean everything but my question is does anyone get a little bit of a double chin or “neck fat” while they bulk? Ive started to notice some on me. can anyone help me out on this? will it go away when I cut?

p.s. Im on a clean bulk Im eating very healthy ftr

I’m an ecto who has a double chin even before I started training. It’s no big deal.

This type of thing is largely just genetic, but if you feel you are gaining more fat than muscle this is probably a problem. haha

If you are getting fat then slow it down a bit, but honestly the face/neck area is the first that’s going to appear “fat” when you are trying to gain weight and it’s something you have to deal with.

Yeah, there’s no need to continually gain fat while you get bigger, but you will pick some up. My personal rule is a one inch pinch next to my navel. I gain fine with that much fat and don’t seem to gain any better with more. I may also be able top get away with a little less, but I’m not willing to gamble with that. You may need to carry a bit more, or maybe not. Only you can determine that with time.

The fat you gain won’t hurt and will burn away later unless you let yourself really go. I’m a believer in overshooting some with the calories. Wadda blast it is to work your fatal ass off under the iron only to not grow because of a shortage of raw materials. I’m with you on the clean eating as well. An occasional big mac n fries or a pizza or bowl of ice cream isn’t going to hurt, but I believe in large numbers of quality calories for size as a rule.

It will take time. It’s comical to see some of these guys talking about a six week “bulk” whatever the hell that is. It takes years of commitment for average guys to substantially change their physique and maybe a coupla few months, or less, to strip off the fat once you have quite a few more pounds of meat to do it with.

Here’s a thought that I think gets lost nowadays. Recovery from training consumes lots of calories. At least recovery from training done with enough effort to make a difference. You will chew up the solid energy even in your sleep if you’re training hard. Some folks would be shocked to learn how much they could, indeed must eat to support real progress if they were actually working with meaningful effort.

Tiribulus to the rescue again, I don’t know if your posts get as much attention as they should but your message is hopefully getting across to some people who haven’t quite gotten “it” yet.

Yea, I’ll agree with you on that. Ever since Tiribulus made the comment about helping the new posters, he changed his tone in the posts and has provided good insight to a lot of the new guys (at least it would if I were new).