Double Check This Plan?

I dont know why this pic is here, anyways, it is my back today.

Hey guys, new to the forums, after reading for a few weeks and really trying to understand what goes into building a better body I have committed to this program. I have been doing this solid for 4 weeks now. can you guys tell me if this looks good to you.

Longterm Goal: weigh 200lbs with a 10-11% body fat.

Short term goal: 190 lbs (lean-ish) by mid-september

experience:Beginner/novice (last time I lifted was recreationally years ago)

Lifting program:
every other day alternating
Starting Strength with a clean

workout A: --------------------------- workout B:
Squat 5x5 ----------------------------- squat 5x5
Overhead press 5x5 --------------------------- bench: 5x5
Dead lift: 1x5 -------------------------------- power clean 3x5 (dont like this, bad technique)
Pullups 3xf ---------------------------------- pullups 3xf
reverse crunches 3x12 -------------------------------- prone bridges 3x30 sec…

Today I squatted 5x 80 kg (176lbs) too easy, I can’t wait to keep putting on more weight
Today I benched 5x 65kg (143 lbs) also easy.
My last deadlift was 1x 55kg (121 lbs) I really wanna cheat and add some plates.
My last overhead was 5x 42.5 kg (93.5) *I struggled a bit but I did it.
Pullups: 4 :confused: But I am very proud of those considering I was only able to do 1 a month a go.

I dont have a kitchen where I live but food is cheap here. (Thailand)

Meal 1: 4 eggs omelet with chicken or seafood
Meal 2: Grilled Chicken breast (2) with vegetables
Meal 3: Tuna sandwich on whole wheat bread no mayo, just tuna and bread
Post workout meal 4: a lean steak with a boiled potato
Meal 5: Grilled Chicken with vegetables
meal 6: A spoon of peanut butter (?) haha, i dont know if this is a meal but yeah.

I also make it a point to drink 2 liters of whole milk a day and I take a multi vitamin.

I am doing NO CARDIO at the moment

-----Please tell me what you think of my routine and diet. Thanks guys.

This is Before: (4.5 weeks ago)
6’1 167 lbs

This is today
6’1 175 lbs

This is today!

Chest today. Thanks guys.

Looks pretty good man. I’m willing to bet you can deadlift a lot more than you’ve been doing with those squat numbers. Keep progressing slowly in the weight and don’t add too much too quickly.

Do it. Your DL should always be at least equal to your squat. Bump it up to 95kg next time and start increasing it at twice the rate of your squat (because you’re squatting twice as much).

Post a vid of your power clean, if you can, and let’s see if we can clean up your form (no pun intended).

My 130lb gf who has weight lifted 1 week can deadlift 120lbs. You should be able to deadlift more than you squat. So if you want at least bump it up to what your current equating weight is. Those numbers go up fast on Starting Strength so Mark just doesn’t want people increasing stuff all the time but you are clearly not even getting a workout with those.
Make sure you are increasing your deadlift 15lbs every time you do it too until you don’t get a full 1x5.

Also, increase your squat by 10lbs until you miss a 3x5. Then go to 5lb increases.

I dont have a kitchen where I live but food is cheap here. (Thailand)

Meal 1: 4 eggs omelet with chicken or seafood[/quote]
More carbs here. Throw in a bowl of oatmeal or something.


As long as it’s an entire 6oz tin of tuna, this one’s good. And mayo is no prob when bulking.

Perfect. Make that a sweet potato and it’s even more perfect.


I usually eat 8 Tbsp.


I don’t know how close meal 3 is to your workout, but you need plenty of fairly quick-acting carbs about an hour before you train. Follow that up with a small dose of simple sugar (preferably dextrose) about 45 min later. You’ll be able to tell the difference in your training sessions immediately.

I don’t see what’s cheating about adding plates to the bar…you’re suppose to add weight to the bar.
Is 121 hard for you at all?

Your diet looks solid, I think an important step that people miss when deciding on amount of food to eat is your activities during the day. Are you really active or more sedentary? Obviously a sedentary person will need less calories than a person who does manual labor 8 hours a day.

Thanks guys! Yeah, I feel dead lift has not been working me out so I will make the following changes:

-Start deadlifting what I squat.
-Incresse deadlifts by 15lbs every workout
-Increase Squat by 10lbs every workout (instead of 5 LBS)
-add oatmeal to my breakfast

Power cleans: My back (bones) HURT from yesterdays powerclean. I am going to get rid of it, I don’t want to risk injury because I feel Im on the right track now.

I know I can deadlift a lot more, I was just sticking to the program (only increase 5lbs each time)

Could I make my meal (pre workout meal) a bowl of Thai friend nood;es with a bit of chicken AND a whole can of Tuna? Will this give me the healthy carbs I NEED for me workout?

And I am quite sedentary. I am not working, only training and eating right for the next 2 months (recovering from 1.5 years of backpacking around the world on a shoe string budget eating very little, not working out, and eating shit.

Thank you very much guys! What a great welcome to the boards! No one even told me I caught teh ghey/fail.!

Also, Should I change my diet on Non-lift days?

[quote]Reekster10 wrote:
I know I can deadlift a lot more, I was just sticking to the program (only increase 5lbs each time)

You haven’t read Starting Strength. I don’t think it’s smart to follow the program or say you are if you haven’t read the book. The program is a lot more than just an excel spreadsheet you downloaded from stronglifts. There is a whole long chapter on weight progressions that would have saved you from this.

“Novices can, and should, increase the weight of the work sets every workout until this is no longer possible. In fact, novices
get strong as fast as the workout makes them, and what was hard last time is not hard today. They
can adapt so quickly that the concept of “maximum intensity” is hard to define. If a kid gets
strong as fast as his work sets increase, a 10 lb. jump is not really heavier relative to his improved
Strength. The key to maintaining this rate of improvement is the careful selection of the amount
of weight that we increase each time.”

“Work set increases will vary with the exercise, your age and sex, your experience, and the
consistency of your adherence to the program. For most male trainees with good technique, the
squat can be increased 10 lbs. per workout, assuming 3 workouts per week, for three or four
weeks. When you miss the last rep or two of your last work set, the easy gains are beginning to
wane and 5 lb. jumps can be taken for a while.”

“The deadlift will progress faster than any of the other lifts, since the start position, basically
a half-squat, is very efficient mechanically, and since virtually every muscle in the body is involved
in the movement. Most men can add 15-20 lbs. to the deadlift each workout for a few weeks…”

What Mark doesn’t want someone doing is something where they’ve progressed from 165lbs to 225lbs in the Squat and the 225lbs suddenly felt really easy on a strong day. So then the next workout they try to throw 250 on for the work sets.

You’re still at a point where you haven’t even figured out your work sets in my opinion.
Find a weight that is hard but not too hard, so you have some growing room, for a 3x5 and then set that as your starting progression weight.

[quote]Reekster10 wrote:
Also, Should I change my diet on Non-lift days?[/quote]
I wouldn’t

Thanks a lot guys this has been a huge help and I really look forward tot his months gain. Thanks again.