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Double Body Weight Bench


Speaking of strength related issues, how many people on this forum can lift double their weight on bench press?
Yesterday in the gym I pushed 160kg and I'm 77kg..that's just nuts..


Good job. My best bench was 365lbs x 5 at 215lbs, No where near you.


Every time I get close . . . I start getting fat again.

Nah, just playing, I'm up around 300 at 170 and a have a long way to go. Nicely done.


best bench ever was 315 but it was the shittiest form...u would have thought I was diesel weasel's stunt double.


Personal best is 385 @ 195. Close but no cigar.



My best ever was 335 lbs at 148 lbs (with belt and wrist wraps).

Now I'm maxing at 340, but I weigh 180 :frowning:
(370 with a shirt)


Good job on the lift, always great to reach new plateaus.

Haven't been flat benching doing TTT, but yesterday I hit 275 for a triple on a close grip decline bench. I was stoked the rest of the day!

I'll get a better idea of my flat bench max when I move onto QD, can't wait to see what it is!


at easter i hit 530 at a meet weighing 278 and haven't really got close since. so i was close to 2X.

i also think the heavier somebody is the tougher it is to double. can't really compare a guy who hits 2X when their 130 as you do when they are 300 can you? are they equally as strong?

also another question (little off topic) can you be in the zone in lifting weights. the day i hit 530 i know had 550 if i got a fourth attempt lift and wouldn't have been surprised if i hit 575 or more that day if given teh oppurtunity.
but since i am having trouble with 500. what gives? i am following about the same routine and diet but i just really felt great that day.


The most I've hit is about 345 at a weight of 200-205 so not quite double. I'm getting back to that level though...
I'm on QD right now and my last workout on 24" grip bench was 275 for 5x3 and the bar was litterally flying out of my hands. I ended up pausing it on my chest to increaes the resistance a bit. I'm going to go up to 285 next week!
P.S. I did 5x3 at 330 on squats!


210 when I weighed 130 in high school.

I have no idea what my max might be today but I'm at 185lbs now and trying to drop to my ideal body weight of 175 while trying to get my numbers back and keeping lean muscle.

Working out alone makes it hard to figure out my 1RM. :frowning:


Fell like such a pussy. I remember the bodyweight bench was achieved not that long ago...double bodyweight? Gimme at least 3 years.


I put up 495 3 times yesterday at 276. I'm hoping to try maxing out within the next 4 weeks.


jeezus you guys are makin me depressed. i dont wanna make excused, but i just started lifting 2-3 months ago, i weigh 195 and can only bench about 250-260:(


On meet day, anything can happen. Credit it to peaking, maybe laying off the week before the meet, or just the hype of lifting in a meet.


Not to get into the gear vs raw debate, but I think you guys need to specify what gear, if any you are using. Obviously a raw double body weight bench is more impressive than one done with an open back canvas shirt.


425 @180 in a meet


495x3 raw at 276


260 at 203 lol


330 x 3 at 150lbs a year and a half ago.


everyone on the internet is strong