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Double Arm vs. Single Arm Tricep Extension

now we all know what a great mass builder seated DB extension is. Unfortunately my school gym only has 100lbs DB’s when im used to using 140-150’s at home. can i still get the same results from the single DB, as the double? To me i feel that it just wont be the same, but that could be all in my head.

Using one dumbell at the time creates bigger ROM, also some data suggests that unilateral exercise potentiate high treshold motor unit activation.
Therefore, with bigger ROM you will be forced to use lesser weight but with same or even greater impact.

Kai Greene and Victor Martinez like to start w/ them single arm that is, and well…they seem to have nice tris.

Lee Haney did them regularly and apparently it worked for him. I get what your saying though because the poundage had to come way down.

i can only do one arms with 50s but do two arms with 170s so you can guess which i prefer

great info guys, thanks for the help. guess ill be doing single arms my next tri day.

Give Tate presses a try

Might try doing the 100’s for high reps for a few weeks, sometimes the high rep stuff can really blow them up, see what happens.

Have you tried using the cable for that, or do you max the stack too?

What about Scott Extensions? (since artem mentioned cables)


[quote]Cprimero wrote:
Give Tate presses a try[/quote]

looks intense, ill give it a try, thanks!