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Just wondering how many on the forums have tried playing Dota or league of legends. There is another game that is just the same as dota and lol that has better graphics and faster gameplay and it's currently having a sale, $10 for an account instead of $30. It's a really good game and just wanted to help increase the player base. http://heroesofnewerth.com/ref.php?r=W249JHYR is the link for the discounted price.


Not a huge fan of HoN. League is where its at.


Double Post, but while I'm at it, League of Legends is also 100% free to play, you can spend money on custom skins and such, but otherwise free!


yeah I heard both good and bad stuff about league. I mainly play hon because my friends do. League has a larger player because it's free, but you do have to buy more heroes. Just wanted to do a little advertisement for HON while they have the $10 promotion.


You don't actually have to buy them. They change the free to play champs every week or so, and you can unlock them with earned points in game.


Meh I'd rather do some difficult physics problems than play Dota or HoN (btw I love physics the same as I love weight-lifting).

It is a good game, I've done about 500 games with a 3:1 K/D (in HoN) but it's not visually stimulating enough or self-immersing enough for a game that I would play regularly.


I liked LoL, I just sucked at it and no one likes to play with shitty players.:slight_smile:
If they had a "we don't give a crap" mode I would continue to play.


They have a mode called casual mode. It's the same game, but you don't lose gold when you die, so it's constantly killing. Most of the players just screw around in that mode for fun.


Oh did they add Casual mode recently or was I blind? Last I remember was PvP Normal/Ranked.


Oh did they add Casual mode recently or was I blind? Last I remember was PvP Normal/Ranked.


it's been there, just most hon players don't talk about it cuz it's not a competitive mode


<3 S2 :slight_smile:


DoTA 2 soon, LoL may stay strong because it's actually quite different but HoN is done for when that releases(it won't literally die but the playerbase is going to be sickly thin).