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Dosing Test + Deca Cycle


Let me know how should i dose my cycle…

My phisyqe
11%bf ±

I have:
Sustanon 350mg/ml
Deca P 150mg (pinning every 2days)
Some dianabol for kickstart.

Now i wannt to be caredull with deca… Ai i want to know how mutch should i take per week to still get effects but taking minimum.

Thanks guys!

It’s recommended to run test higher than Deca, right now I’m running 350 test/200 deca with minimal sides (no deca dick issues).

Keep in mind it takes a while for Deca to build up in your system.

So im thinking about 500test 300deca…
Hope it goes well… But i have Deca NPP

The NPP will kick in quicker than traditional Deca.
Your ratio seems good.

As far as the AI dose, it differs from guy to guy. To start, what AI are you planning on using, that way we might be able to lay out a plan for you so you know what to look for and how to adjust dose as you proceed.

I’m using Adex… Last time i was on test only… But 700mg/week (i know its too mutch… But friend fucked with me and said its ok) now im more carefull since ive been reading a lot about gear for few months.

Then i took 0.25mg of adex Eod and no noticable sides like gyno(thats the most im afraid of… No hair loss, just few acnes
… No bloathing little hair i noticed but almost none.

With dianabol… I was thinking taking only for preworkout 10mg is that ok?
Or should i dose it through all day?
Want to spare my liver…

One more question… I got sore injection site like next morning… Its getting quite painfull. I know its normal but is there something i can do about it?

@iron_yuppie maybe have a good advice if you have time :slight_smile: