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Dosing Same Day/Week; Subcu


Hi All,

Been away for a while - thought I would share that I have learned a few things: I have found that I can get consistent levels by pinning every 3-1/2 days. I'm a creature of habit and to constantly having different pinnning days when doing it EOD or E3D was just not working. I did the math and if I pin Monday AM and then Thursday PM, this is exactly every 3-1/2 days... it can't be that much different than E3D, right? No need to track it on a calendar anymore, just pick the best AM and 3-1/2 day later PM that works for your schedule. I have not felt any difference from when I was EOD.

Also, I've been pinning subcu since having a "can barely walk" reaction IM in my quad. I found that I got little grape sized lumps around my abdomen, but around the lateral hip area or glute, it's less of an issue. Occassional lump but much better than IM and better than ab shots. Subcu seems to be metabolizing just as IM does as I feel good and body comp is going in the right direction. Will confirm with lab draw next week. I also should mention that I use enough test to get me high-normal, sometimes over the range, intentionally. Remember where they get these epidemiological ranges from - the average low and the average high... Since Americans are anything but healthy, the middle to low range is actually hypogonadal (deficient).


Not just americans, but unhealthy americans at that. I doubt the most healthy among us are going and getting a ton of T-level bloodwork done to make up for the skewed influence of the sick.

Good to hear you are moving in the right direction man. I will probably do the Mo-Th shots too when I start. Not sure if I will be as strict with 3.5 days as you are, will probably just pin them both in the evenings out of convenience. I figure 3 days between one inject and 4 between the other will be negiligble in the grand scheme of things.


I actually dose every fifty-six hours. Friday Am, Sunday Afternoon, Tuesday near midnight. AI at the same time and HCG Mon, Wed, Sat. Levels are very stable. Times are scheduled in my phone calendar.


VTBalla - I don't think a 3/4 split is a big deal either, as normal/non-TRT males test varies greatly based on many factors such as fitness levels, time of year, stress, nutrient variations, etc. How about subcu? Did find that IM was painful, not the pinning but the oil itself?

rpersaon - since HCG is both a peptide (protein) and water soluble, it should be pinned EOD as you are doing. But as with test, I wonder if it matters if it was pushed to 3-1/2 days?

I am not using HcG due to family planning purposes - TRT sans HcG is quite effective at dropping sperm count; it is on the books in parts of Europe as a means of birth control. Long term, though, there is supposedly a risk of complete shut down of the leydig cells. Although I have read a rat study that said after chemically suppressing the rats testes, after some time (year I think) the researchers took the rats out of induced hypogonadism and they not only bounced back, but maintained HIGHER than normal (previous) levels of testosterone!!! The scientists speculated (not enough data) that it gave the leydig cells a break from the oxidative stress of producing test. So, who knows, I think I will run a course every 6 months for 30 days just to knock the dust off the carburetor.


time between injections varies based on the individual.

I would love to go to E3D injection compared to my current schedule of EOD, but blood showed I went from like 1000 on day 2 down to 500 on day 3 when I was injecting 100mg E3D. With my EOD schedule I inject 30mg and have constant results of 700s.


What ester are you using? I cannot believe 24 hours can make your levels vary 250+/-?!?! Either the test was off/inaccurate or you are not using a cypionate or enanthate; sounds like you are using propionate ester. Ester metabolism should be quite similar person to person, unlike digestive efficiency which can vary greatly.