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Dosing Protocols

Ok fellas. Read it as you will. My friend is currently on around 500 mgs of a multi estered testosterone product (250mgs administer every 3-4 days) with masteron propionate 100mgs administered twice a week (200mgs total per week.) Anadrol thrown in for the first 3 weeks at 50mgs a day.

Stats are 30 yrs old, former lifts were respectable (rep 275lbs on free weight incline barbell for 7 reps) barbell free weight squats 405lbs for 8 reps, weighted pullups and body weight pullups/chins at various rep ranges. Deads ranging anywhere from 315 for 10 reps to 405 for reps between 3-5.

Periodization and macro cycles for training are implemented. Choice of drugs was to gain strength with drol and masteron while test kicked in, as well as the anti-e of masteron for the drol and test. Looking to throw in the peptides. Tamoxifen for pct and some hcg on cycle to keep boys nice size and working.

Just looking for feedback regarding the peptides but am open to critiques and advice overall on the cycle. Goal is for lean muscle gains with a focus on preserving and gaining muscle mass while losing body fat. Not interested in debating ‘pick one goal and work towards that’ but this being tnation I will get what I get. Hcg has not been implemented yet due to my friends cycle hus just begun. Thanks and let the feedback/critique/flaming begin. Oh yeah, been a member of tnation for over 7 yrs under at least 2 or 3 different namez.