Dosing of Injectable Vitamin B-12

I am seeking some dosing info on injectable B-12. I have never found anything really useful on the WWW.

I had a lot of problems with my injected T, hCG and vit-B12 after my medical crisis last summer. My body has now calmed down and injections are a non event now. I had stopped my B-12 injections as part of the injection reactions that were heat, pain and swelling.

I have been feeling down lately. I resumed B-12 shots last week and my energy and libido improved significantly. So it would appear that the B-12 in my vitamins is not doing the job. My ‘intrinsic factor’ may have been damaged with the medical event. [I have not tried sub-lingual B-12 lately.]

Note that you can co-inject B12 and hCG.

So I am trying to learn more about dosing and what the long term dosing options are.

Seems that injecting into fat is better than IM as IM can take M-12 to urine very fast and SC is a bit of a time release.

I do not take or need any meds for heart burn or such, so that risk factor is not there.

some chronic fatigue docs recomend high doses of b12 for fatigue like 5000-10000mcg every second day and get these dosage compounded into 1 ml doses. I do know a few people who dose 5000mcg 2-3 times a week and eventually just inject a 5000mcg/ml shot when they start feeling run down. b12 is also said to be a peroxynitrate scavenger and peroxynitrate is an oxidant, so i suppose b12 works like an anti-oxidant too.

Many prefer hydroxycobalamin over cynocobalamin for some reason i canr remember. I inject about 5000mcg when im having a cfs ‘crash’ sort of part of my rescue treatment along with some good sleep meds to help me recover as recovery happens when sleeping. Alot of this info is from my experience and research into chronic fatigue syndrome, but u can use this info to suit your circumstances.

You maybe interested in a theory called the partial mythylation cycle that reduce our ability to make glutathione, the bodies own antioxidant and can help with many problems. heres a link to start u off,

AS far as sub cut or IM b12, i dont think it really matters as the liver stores the b12. sub cut should limit injection to 1ml where as IM injections can be as high as 5ml in the vastus lateralis/lateral thigh.


Where would one obtain injectable B-12?

from a compounding pharmacy but a normal pharmacy would carry 1000iu/ml dosage and probably cynocobalamin.

I use the sublingual and find that after a few months it doesn’t have the same affect.

KSman, have u had anymore luck with b12 stuff. If i recall correctly a chronic fatigue syndrome doc called Dr Cheney used high dose 5000-10000mcg/ml 2-3 times a week, i think if u googled his name and b12 u may come across the compounding pharmacy he used.

It funny u know but old vince gironda use to harp on about liver tabs etc digestive enzymes and one of his reasons was its high b12 and iron content and its special ability to be absorbed from the gut. I dont know how he found all this info back in those days before the internet, he may have been sent back from the future.

Also b12 creams maybe another way of increasing absorption in a slow more controlled intake.

cheers!!! This site maybe a good source for u but dosing is only 1000mcg/ml but u should be able to take 5ml IM injection in the lateral thigh.

B-12 seems to be the boutique salon drug of choice these days, as I know several women who get an injection when they are in for botox or whatever.

Are guys here finding that it helps with libido and male health also? I’ll certainly ask my doctor about it next time I’m in. Wouldn’t mind adding another shot to my regimen if it gives me more energy and libido!