Dosing Liquid Arimidex

This is a dumb question, but how does everyone figure out how many drops to use when dosing liquid adex?

Say the product concentration is 1mg/ml, and one wished to achieve .5mg/week dosing.

Wikipedia says “the medical drop: ~1/12 mL (.0833mL)”

So that makes
(.5mg/week)(1mL/mg)(1 drop/.0833mL) = 6 drops/week

Does this seem right? Or has everyone just measured out 1 mL of the product with the dropper and went from there?


Since my liquid adex came with a pump lid and I didn’t trust drop sizes, I went to CVS and got a 1 ml oral dosing syringe. My Liquid Adex is also 1mg/ml so EOD dosing is 0.5ml/3.5= 0.14ml EOD.