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Dosing from Testosterone Ampoule

I have switched from vial to ampoules (Test E 250mg/ml), so the question I have is when I draw from the ampoule which is supposed to be 250mg of test, I only get to the point of about ~0.85ml in the syringe… Is this right? I mean I’m only getting about 212.5mg of T? So 2x/week injections gets me 425mg instead of 500mg and that’s pretty big deal over time I think… Thanks.
(250*0.85 = 212.5).

You get what you get I guess, not much you can change about that? But as for 425 va 500 mg per week, I highly doubt you’ll notice a difference if everything else is in order.(diet, recovery, training)

Are you using a syringe filter?

No, I don’t. I use regular syringe with ‘luer lock’ 23x1.25 2ml (Neoject - brand name).
Damn, I’m quite dissapointed cuz ampoules did cost me way more than vial and they looked legit…

You need to use filters. Otherwise you’re injecting tiny pieces of glass into your body, which is not a desirable outcome.

Additionally, I don’t understand how you can’t get a needle to the bottom of the amp and draw all of it. Is the needle too short? If so then that solves the problem, no? I’m trying to picture the problem so bear with me as I work it out.

Thank you for your time, I appreciate that. I didn’t know about filters? Will do a research.
No it’s not that I can’t get it out, I get everything out of the amp, but it’s only at 0.85ml mark instead of 1ml. Can that so called needle dead space hold as much as 0.15ml?

Edit: I added pics so I can express myself better.
image image

It looks like your amps are under filled. Right? That’s the only reasonable explanation here. If you can draw 100% of what’s in there and it comes out to 85% of the labeled contents then it’s not filled entirely.

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Yes, I just wanted someone to confirm this.
Thanks, that’s another lesson that ugl is ugl and more expensive ones are not necessary better. I think it’s time for me to get access to pharma stuff and stop playing around for good.

If you aren’t careful you can spill a little of the contents when you snap the top of the amp off. That could be a reason for getting under 1ml(or it could be under filled as already mentioned).
I wrap the amp in tissue.To avoid spilling I angle the amp towards me a, little so that when I snap it off, with the barrel of an old syringe. The amp will move a little from the original position and end upright or a little in the opposite direction, and you are less likely to spill any. If you started out in an upright position the amp will move as further away from you and increase the chance of a spill.

As for glass shards in the injection, its very unlikely. You should be drawing with a 21g needle, and injecting with a 23g or finer needle. This means even if there is a piece of glass that goes up the drawing needle, it won’t be able to come back through the finer injecting needle.