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Dosing for Sustanon


I'm 38 years old and 6'1 and 180 pounds. I just finished 90 program of the "body beast" with minimal gains. I want to of course gain muscle and will be working out 3-4 days weekly.. I have can get either cypionate 200/ml or Sustanon 270; and Sustanon is what my friend is using with good results.. If I use Sus what would be a good dosing schedule.

And which would you recommend cypionate or sus? I also plan on using Anadrol for six weeks.. What else should I be running with this; Hcg entire cycle? I plan on doing a 12 week cycle.. I appreciate any help with this.




advice- stop being lazy. body beast? isn't that some infomercial bullshit? lol try putting what little effort you put forth to steroids, into proper diet and training. Clearly you want quick results and don't want to work hard, it doesn't work like that.


I heard the shake weight is really good for toning muscle too


Funny.. yea the program is sold on TV and I just used it as a personal trainer. . It's just old school weight lifting.. 1-1.5 hrs a day 6 days a week.. I have a good diet.. I'm just looking for advice. . Most anyone on here is looking for somewhat of a quicker path from A to B..

Do you have any of those shake weights for sale :slight_smile:


What's your diet?

Body beast is not old school weight lifting sorry.


6'1 180lbs = not a good diet


Yeah but you have clearly put in some piss poor effort whether you believe it or not. If you think your diet is good then please list what you eat daily. Assuming you are being honest and are consistent with it.


I have a feeling your gonna run it either way so heres a lil insight. Sus 270? Thats a first for me. For a 1st cycle id run the cyp, only 1 ester (keeps it simple) vs sus which has 3 or 4. Anyways 500mg of cyp or sus a wk is a good start. Im not a fan of anadrol(oxymetholone) for 1st cycles but its your choice 50mg/day for 2-3wks as a kickstart. Dbol would be better. Cyp will take longer to kick in, sus maybe a wk for the shorter esters. 12 wks is a good length.

What are you using for an ai? PCT? I use aromasin(AI) 12.5mg/day started a wk b4 cycle. Most guys use arimadex. As for pct start start 21 days after last pin. I use Torem from a research lab but clomid is a very effective serm for pct...... Without a good high calorie diet and intense training your just wasting your $$$$

Test cyp or sus- wks1-12 500mg/wk
Anadrol- wks 1-3 50mg/d
Aromasin- wks 1-15 12.5mg/d

Pct- 21 days after last pin. clomid wks 16-20 40mg/day or Torem 120mg/ed Wks 16-19