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Dosing Every Day

Would just like to hear the experiences of those of you who do every day dosing, say 10mg every day. Did you notice a benefit compared to 1-2x per week dosing? Were you able to maintain muscle on a smaller dose?

I have to inject T at least every 1-2 days or I start losing the benefits of TRT, 1-2 times weekly dosing and it barely feels like I’m on TRT. I’m on anywhere between 40-50mg weekly, any more and my levels get too high.

Wow what levels do you get on 40-50mg? That’s awesome you can keep good levels on 40-50mg. I’d like to try to bring my 120mg dose down to 70mg by dosing every day, and eventually drop my AI.

80 mg weekly (20mg EOD) got my levels to 640 ng/dL in 3.5 weeks and have 2.5 more weeks for my levels to build upon, so my levels could have easily been over 800. I could feel my levels rising very quickly and believe this is why I felt the way I did.

I started experiencing extreme aggression and very quick to anger, so I dropped my dosage and those symptoms vanished. I start feeling my best around 300 ng/dL and start feeling off after 500.

My natural levels were 91 ng/dL, 8mg EOD gets me somewhere in the low 300’s.

Wow! 8mg EOD is only 28mg per week. Do you have a bodybuilding background? I guess you’ve never experimented with higher TRT for any extended period? I can’t imagine I wouldn’t lose muscle going from 120mg to 40-50mg per week.

He is a very unusual case. I wouldn’t base what you do off of what has worked for him, no offense.


I moved from twice a week to daily injections (bumping up by about 35mg a week) and noticed a LITTLE bit more mood stability. I did this for 5 weeks while cutting calories and seemed to drop fat while maintaining LBM but thats based on sight. Not currently in the gym so no strength changes could be noted.

No other real changes. Moved back to lower dose and twice weekly to stabilize for doc visit.

After correcting my iron deficiency everything changed, previous protocols all of a sudden levels were too high and had to start over on figuring out my dosage. I over-respond to all medications, caffeine, alcohol and now can add TRT to that list.

No. For the record I never recommended you start as low as me, my point was everyone is different.

Hi @systemlord , looks like I am very similar to you as over respond to all medications. I, like you, have pretty low SHBG (15-20). Do you feel better on ED or EOD doses? Since you are doing such low doses, how do you inject them? I use a 1ml syringe and it’s pretty difficult to dose 0.02 or 0.03 of test with decent accuracy. Thanks

I have lower estrogen on the ED injections and do feel better versus EOD injections because I’m aromatizing less and am able to get away with less T on the ED dosing.

That’s why I use (Easy Touch) 29 gauge insulin syringes, the measurements are .10 units (.50 in total) and am able to dose 1mg per mg. I get my syringes in Amazon or some of the other online medical supply websites.

I inject in the quads (midway between knee and hips) and shoulders rotating injection sites.

Daily dosing made TRT great again. Never felt or looked better in my life. It takes months before you get all the good stuff so it’s important to be patient and commit before going the daily route as it may not seem optimal at first but after a while I felt what it was like to feel “Optimized”. Some folks will say you need to cut your dose when going to daily but I don’t. 200mg split into daily injections has been amazing and I tried every single injection frequency/dosage before going that route because the whole daily thing just didn’t make sense to me.

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Notice anything else? And you went from what dosage 2x a week to what dosage ED?


As of recent I’ve tried this too. Protocol was around 15mg/day and/or slightly under in order to come as close to 100mg/wk as humanely possible. I shot SQ every morning upon waking up.

Interestingly enough I felt somewhat better comparative to 150-200mg/wk. Not in terms of libido, vigor, muscle mass or day to day productivity… But in the department of autonomic dysfunction. I’ve struggled with this for years, it’s extremely irritating, particuarly on higher TRT dosages. Hence until I can find a regiment that lessens symptomatology in relation to this condition, I’ll be sticking to 125mg/wk.

As of late March??? My total weekly dosage has been hovered between 75-150mg/wk. I’m relatively happy with this. I’ve acquired numerous injuries over the years and my chronic pain has flared up to the point wherein I can hardly train. Using higher dosages would be somewhat counterproductive as I wouldn’t be able to reap adequate benefit… unless I wished to counteract muscular atrophy induced via lack of training. Libido hasn’t dropped off at all, though my day to day vigor/levels of energy have plummeted, likely due to me not being able to train (exercise was a huge part of my life)… Being out of shape is awful.

Bloods on 100mg/wk split into ED injections, around 19 nmol (so… Around 550ng/dl). Now I shoot 100-125mg e7d. The ED shots with 21g needles got old quickly. Furthermore, primoteston is a hell of a lot thicker/more viscous comparative to depo-testosterone (test-cyp in 10mL vials). Loading pharmacy grade, branded test E (suspended in grapeseed oil) into an insulin syringe takes around ten minutes.

For me, ED vs EOD vs e7d etc makes little/no difference. 250mg e14d however doesn’t work as I drop below a certain threshold wherein symptoms (relating to hypogonadism) return around day 10-11. This experiment was an interesting one, but ultimately made very little difference.

Should be noted my SHBG is low (fluctuates between 9-15, sometimes 20)

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I’ve always dosed only every day so cannot make a comparison for me

Any view on why it takes months? In theory levels should stabilize much earlier (few weeks) but you are not the first one that says it takes months. Did you have to adjust your dosage several times?

That’s the highest dose I’ve seen someone use who is also doing ED dosing. Did you get blood work done to measure anything objective, or are you saying you simply felt better and feel you looked better? Would be interesting to see what test and estrogen levels were at and how they changed with that protocol.

This is a bit all over the place. So in summary, the autonomic dysfunction benefit you got was from the lower test, not from the ED injections? And now you have lost vigor and muscle mass but feel its from not working out? And ultimately you don’t feel there’s much of a difference between dosing protocols?

Spot on.

I personally don’t perceive a significant difference as to how I feel in relation to dosing frequency. I believe the re-occurance of symptoms for me is more in relation to whether I fall below a certain threshold (say arbitrarily 400ng/dl etc)

My theory is first T levels have to more or less stabilize, then all the downstream hormones that come from T have to stabilize as well. Couple of weeks for each of those steps and you get up to the 6-8 week range pretty quick. I don’t have anything to back that up but it would make sense, to me anyways.

I went from 100mg E3.5D (200mg total) to 35mg ED (245mg total)

Its hard to really correlate any changes to the protocol change actually. With the quarantine I stopped heavy lifting, stopped going to an office, started being very consistent with sleep and cardio, started exercising with bands, doing a bit more reading (meditative?), and cut my calories down to about 2k from 2,400 to 3,000. So all that stuff plus dieting Ive lost 10 pounds scale weight but appear to have put on a bit of LBM as well but it may just be perception. Tape measure at the belly button is down several inches so I know Im moving in the right direction.

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