Dosing Caffiene

Well im only recently become a BARR fan… and his stuff is fairly mind blowing at times.
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  1. Cycle Stimulants: Get Bigger

Stimulants are one of the best ways to increase your strength in the gym, whether you’re bulking or not. This means that regardless of what training phase you’re in (recovery phase excepted), popping some Spike or a little caffeine before your workout will help ensure that the weights you move will be heavier than your last workout. (Keep in mind that while not the primary ingredient, Spike does contain some caffeine.)

Couple this with the gains that come from bulking and you get an incredibly powerful effect.

While caffeine is the most commonly used drug on the planet, it has somehow remained the most underrated performance enhancing drug available. Some of the often overlooked effects include:

 Increased energy (duh)

 Increased muscle strength

 Increased muscle endurance

 Increased mental performance

 Improved concentration

 Increased bodyfat utilization

 Muscle sparing while dieting

On top of all of this, caffeine is legal to purchase and use*, it’s readily available, and incredibly cheap (unless of course you prefer the Starbucks variety, in which case you’ll need a credit check and co-signer prior to getting your “fix on.”)!

Okay, so this information is really nothing new. But if everyone knows this, then why are so few people taking advantage of the benefits? One of the most obvious reasons is that people consume far too much caffeine in their daily lives to get the optimal training effect. Further, many people have these caffeinated drinks so engrained in their lives that they’re unwilling to forego them or pursue de-caffeinated alternatives.

As a side tip for improved body composition and performance, stop regularly drinking caffeinated coffee, tea**, and Cola. This also applies to students and those who can benefit from the mental performance enhancement effects.

That way, when you need a big stimulant boost, it’ll be optimal for the task.

A sample plan based on a 12-week bulking cycle could look like this:

Weeks 1-2: 1 mg caffeine per pound bodyweight�?�

Weeks 5-6: 1 mg caffeine per pound bodyweight

Week 7: 1.2 mg caffeine per pound of bodyweight

Week 8: 1.4 mg caffeine per pound of bodyweight

(It should be noted that the maximum dose of 1.8mg/lb is never reached.)

But let’s be realistic. We can always have too much of a good thing. Using stimulants for too long might result in our desensitization to the effects, meaning that we’d have to take more and more just to see the same effect.

Of course this is an undesirable situation and should be avoided. This is particularly true when you consider that one of the best times to use stimulants is immediately after a bulking phase, because this helps keep the weights high as the calories come down. Regardless, the boys in the Biotest lab have told me that the effects of Spike don’t downgrade over time. If that’s true, that’s pretty impressive.

Im just gonna be crazy enough to try this rofl ^^
That is a fucking SHEDLOAD of caffiene though o.0
210mg of caffiene MAN triple expresso or something it think
fuck me thats gonna hit hard

210mg of caffeine? Thats it? I used to get in over a gram pre workout. Good luck.

Isn’t the average cup of coffee about 50 mgs? 200mg should be a huge amount!

1000g ???
Are you SURE you took in 1000g … i mean you must have been literally bouncing off walls or something !

Ooh, 1 gram of caffeine is about five Rockstar zero carb energy drinks at one time. It’s enought to give you moderate arrhythmia. Being a dumbass once I took about a gram post workout (didn’t pay attention to the ingredients and mixed a few supplements) and found myself so sick to my stomach and buzzed that I actually thought about going to the hospital. I will never make that mistake again. F*ed me up.

I don’t think 200mg is all that much but I guess it’s all relative though.

For comparison, your convenience store brand coffee will have between 100-150mg. If you drink Starbucks, Grandes contain over 300mg. Somehow they manage higher concentrations.

I mostly get my caffeine from the pill variety largely because of convenience and the fact that they cost me about 10 cents for 200mg vs. $1.50-$3.00 coffee and energy drinks cost.

I take 200mg in morning to get me going and one around my lunch break. I also take 200mg before a workout or sports match and definitely do get a noticeable gain in performance.

[quote]Corkonian wrote:
1000g ???
Are you SURE you took in 1000g … i mean you must have been literally bouncing off walls or something ![/quote]

Yeah, 4 Vivarins and a rockstar blue. So it was more like 1040mg. I couldn’t do that know though. I became so used to massive dosages of caffeine that a gram was the equivalent to a normal persons 400mg. I would twich out of random and my heart rate would stay around 130. I would only do that on back day. Now, after detoxing and laying off the shit, I only get 600mg preworkout.

A regular 8 oz. cup of coffee contains 100-150 mg of caffeine. For getting high doses of caffeine pre-work there’s NoDoz or Vivarin 200mg, available at almost any supermarket or pharmacy. Caffeine pills are certainly better than a stomach full of coffee. The other day I took 600 mg at once and felt shaky and irritable, but also felt a sigificant increase in intensity and endurance while lifting.

What do you guys reccomend for tapering off caffeine; ie: over how long should I decrease the dosage to prevent withdrawl(major, at least).

I’ve started taking about 200mg pre-workout, and being a caffeine-naive person, I can feel a strong effect on energy levels. At the same time, I know I’ll eventually have to increase doses, and I know I’ll eventually have to stop taking it altogether, for a time.

I used vivarin tabs and simply tapered my dose down till I was just drinking a Rockstar. I don’t recommend you go over 600mgs. Be careful though, you will build a dependance on it.

Fair enough. 400mgs seems to be my sweetspot right now, so I’ll stick with it until it’s useless, and perhaps skip it altogether on lighter/easier days.

400mg is recommended. Studies have shown that when going above 400 mg that cortisol also raises and can hinder gains.

NO-Xplode is double that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (shitty ass product!) it’s a heart attack in a bottle.

sorry for the no-x rant, I get so many stupid ass kids coming into my store asking me about it and buying it because of the BSN ads with ronnie. One kid actually argued with me that “Ronnie takes it and look at him”.

Sometimes…I tell you…sometimes…


I pull espresso shots around the clock, especially prior to lifting. Works wonders…

[quote]Growing_Boy wrote:
Be careful though, you will build a dependance on it. [/quote]

I agree, if you always take caffiene before a workout you will feel like shit and have no intensity when you dont take it. The more you have it the less benifit you get from it. People who continually have alot of caffiene can get headaches, shakes ect when they stop.

I would be cautious about useing caffiene continously. maybe to give you a boost on a flat day or somthing but yeah, my opinion anyway.

400 - 600mg of caffeine a day. Listen to GB and Gerdy. This amount will give you ample energy, strength, alertness, and whatnot, and help you lose weight if you’re cutting. I’m taking 600mg a day of caffeine and the fat’s flying off (granted a good training regime, cardio, diet, and supplementation).

if your not a caffeine user 100mg will make you seem like your flying

if you are then you probably need at least 400mg to gain a performance enhancing benefit.

performance dose is considered 2mg per pound of body weight, max dose is 3mg per pound.

more than .5mg per pound of body weight is banned by the IOCC in international competition. Which tells you that it really works. ha.

in studies coffee doesn’t show any performance enhancing benefit, because it has to many other diuretics in it. but athletes on caffeine pills showed 20% greater endurance, resistance to pain, and more finishing power.