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Dosing Caffeine Anhydrous


Thinking of buying some caffeine Anhydrous

Im looking at th conversaion table:
1/16 tsp = 189mg!!!!!

They say they recommend measuring with a mg weight scale.
Ive searched on ebay, and can only find gram and lb scales.


yeah dude. you want very small doses.

cuz even though most people won't die even taking around a gram, you will hate yourself forever.


400mg pre workout is nice...with some creatine, beta alanine, etc and other goodies.



Buy blank capsules, and fill 'em... if you know how much one cap holds, you'll know how much you're getting :wink:


beta alanine is a neural inhibitor so taking it with caffeine is kinda counterproductive.


Also, (and I may be wrong about this) I seem to recall reading that caffeine inhibits the absorbtion of creatine.


Results people results


both of you may be right but I never have a dull workout and I can buy all those products dirt cheap.




I think part of it is that caffeine still stimulates you, but somehow the beta-alanine prevents you from getting jittery.

that's pure speculation though. it may have to do with dosing. i really don't know.


It's really not that much caffiene to begin with. Maybe a couple tall cups of coffee? lol

idk good point but I don't overthink some of this stuff because both caffiene and beta alanine are miniscule in the big picture.

It's the same crap with all the pump products containing loads of caffiene. A so called vaso-dilator combined with a vaso-constrictor...not much sense.

I've never heard of caffiene messing with creatine absorption. I don't see how those two correlate.

Again tho...it's more overthinking than anything. The way I see it...you better have everything else perfect before you start worrying too much about things like this.

Always nice to know the in's and outs of what your taking tho...



I posted a link on here a month or two ago about caffeine boosting muscle-glycogen uptake.

Someone look for it.

I think the effective dose was around 400-600 mg of caffeine. So, while I would not want to take in this much caffeine regularly, I would certainly play around with it on carb up days and when I plan on taking my PWO shake.

Maybe take the caffeine 20 min before the shake (empty stomach, of course).

I'd probably throw in some fenugreek at the same time I take the caffeine, but that's just me.


Well, what you're doing is obviously working for you. And after checking it out, I found out that moderate amounts of caffeine should not affect creatine absorbtion.

(it's mentioned near the end of the article)


Still, I can't understand how you can take 400mg of caffeine right before working out. If I took that much I wouldn't be lifting - I'd be busy bouncing off the walls of the gym instead.


Wow, you guys are really sensitive to caffeine.

I can drink Spike Shooter and pass out, no problem. I don't even intake caffeine regularly anymore, so I am not sure how to re-sensitize my system to caffeine.


400mg is like maybe 2 cups of coffee...its really not that much.

I only do it after long days of work or school...when I need a pick me up. lol

Maybe you are just more sensitive to caffiene than most?

I'm pretty sure a red bull or monster has more than 400mg caffiene.



Actually there are only 160mg of caffeine in a 16oz Monster (of course it has other stuff like ginseng in there too). Drip Coffee has about 120 mg of caffeine per cup, espresso has ~ 100mg per double shot, and black tea has 50 mg per cup. So you're taking the equivalent of 2.5 monsters, 3 cups drip coffee, 4 double shots espresso, or 8 cups of tea, depending on how you look at it.

I probably am a little more caffeine sensitive than most people, but I doubt I'm the only one who would be bouncing off of walls after two and a half monsters.


If I drink a whole Shooter quickly I'll pass out of a heart attack lol.... But it's not the caffeine I'm sensitive to... Personally, it's the yohimbine.

I can drink the DoubleShots very easily and I finished a full Shotgun my friend gave me. I do appreciate the slight change in the way they market the Shooters in the store... using words like "jitters."

I'll never forget the first time I drank a full Shooter lol... I was on drugs practically. It was more potent than other stimulants I've tried in the past. It sure gave me energy but I think the side effects aren't for me. But we have yohimbine and even caffeine free options now. (as far as Spike Tabs)


That's weird as both ingredients are in Spike DoubleShots and Shotguns.


i think there's not enough BA in them to completely counteract the caffeine effect. They give you just as much energy without being jittery- that's what they do for me at least. I don't know if the dosing difference making it work is fact or not, i'd be interested to hear from someone with a little bit more knowledge than me.


idk man one monster contains 200mg ginseng per serving.

then a blend of 2500mg consisting of carnitine, glucose, caffeine,guarana, inositol, glucuronolactone, maltodextrin. PER serving.

I think there is more than 160mg caffiene per 16oz monster....

ginseng, guarana, caffiene are all stims i believe.

1 monster .vs. 400mg of 'No Doz' caffiene pills and it's not even in the same ball park imo.



80mg of caffiene but what about all the other names they can use to mask caffiene? lol

ohhh well...lol