Dosing Armoasin for Cycle and PCT

I’m having to change up my cycle and take out the amiridex and replace it with Aromasin.

I want to use the aromasin while on cycle and as a pct with nolva. I will also be using hcg on cycle.

My question is, if I plan on using aromasin both on cycle and as a pct, how do I dose it.

Should I keep it at 12.5 mg a day throughout the cycle and continue on thru the waiting period and into the pct?? or do I reduce or increase the dosage??

Anyone experienced in this matter that can shed some light would be much appreciated.


3 days and no replies. =(

Everytime a question goes unanswered the terrorists win!

I use aromasin while on at the same dose as you but do a full pill eod (just cause i hate biting it). I continue it UNTIL I start PCT at the same dose. Done it for 2 cycles and had great results. I also used hcg @ 500iu 2x a week for weeks 6 thru the end of cycle plus a week.

AI’s always must be tapered off.

So would you say 12.5mg everyday while on cycle and 2 weeks into the PCT, then reduce to 12.5mg EOD for the last 2 weeks of the pct?