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Dosing: Alpha Male & Carbolin 19

Do you take them on off days? And should I follow the recomended dosage on the back…there are a few recommendations…thanks!

Do what it says on the back of the bottle.

yes, take them every day so theyre constantly in your system. i take 2 Alpha Male twice a day, and 2 Carbolin 19 twice a day. obviously the more you use the better its probably going to work. up to you though!

When I start a cycle of Alpha Male and Carbolin 19 I take the maximum dosage of each daily for the first week, while also observing the cycling protocol for Alpha Male. That seems to bring the active ingredients up to a “working” level in my body. Then after the first week I use Alpha Male @ 2 caps twice a day and Carbolin 19 @ 2 caps twice a day on workout days and 1 cap twice a day on non workout days.

4 a day 8 hours apart everyday. Very helpful stuff.

So what about the recommended cycling 4 days on 1 off 3days on 1 off and 5 days on 2 off, etc?? Whats the deal with that? If I follow that I will take it on days I don’t work out or would that not matter?

According to Cy, there is no need to cycle Alpha Male. I wonder why they don’t change the label instructions. Maybe they will get around to it eventually. I think it’s a layover from the old Alpha Male which lacked vitex and was to be cycled with M.

thank you sir!

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thank you sir! [/quote]

no problem