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Doses and Body Weight.

why do i never see differing recommendations for doses based on body weight and/or muscle mass? seems to make sense to me that a trainee with much more muscle mass would generally require more AAS than a trainee with less muscle mass.

also, a trainee with more AAS cycles under his/her belt would need more AAS than a trainee with LESS AAS cycles under his/her belt.

bottom line: why do i never see recommendations for doses that factor in age, body weight, muscle mass, training experience, and AAS experience?


My guess would be because this area is void of any real studies supporting weight based dosing.

It woud seem logical that weight would have something to do with it - just like antibiotics are dosed based on weight.

But then again killed virus, MLV and live virus immunization shots are a set volume, regardless of weight.

All that to say - I have no real clue, but it is a good question.

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it’s not a first cycle for me, it’s for a ‘friend’, bro :wink:

and waiting 'til you max out naturally is definitely absolute bullshit. but that’s not to say you shouldn’t have SOME foundation before starting!

what i’m trying to say is, if you don’t know how to build muscle naturally, don’t worry about AAS until you learn how to train and eat properly!