Doseage vs Sides

If you are familiar with your sides, is that a good way to gauge if your gear is good ? The reason I ask is because I am on trt, but decided to blast on some aftermarket gear. What little sides I did have on pharmacy test have completely disappeared. I did have oily skin on pharmacy test at 125mg a week. I thought the aftermarket gear might be weak so I upped the dosage as the weeks went by… still no sides at all, no oily skin, no gyno, no nothing… and I’m not using an AI. I thought the gear might be bunk, so I switched brands… still no sides at all, and I’m at 875mg a week.
I do feel great at the gym, I’m as strong as I have ever been… but I think I was expecting more, especially at 875mg a week.
So, do I have bunk gear ? or could something else be at play here ?

A bit about me. I’m 50yr old, 5’7’', 185lbs, 34 waist. Although I am new to “gear” I have had a lifelong commitment to fitness and weightlifting. Clean diet, no alcohol, no drugs, 25+ years weight lifting.

875mg/wk of Test is a lot. I am shocked you have no issues without an AI.