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Dose Seem OK With My Labs?

I am a 36 year old male and hot my second round of labs… here are some of my numbers.

SHBG: 37.3.
Estradiol, sensitive: 10.7.
Total T: 336 (254 on first test).
Free T: 6.4.
DHEA: 168.9.

I’ll be starting next week with 200 mg/ml week test and 300 I/U HCG. They are starting me with 3 subcutaneous injections per week for each. So .25 ml of test each time for a total of 150 mg/ml. I will probably try this dose for a Couple months.

Not sure what was the exact range for DHEA but it looks low to me. Also, not sure how test will you take in the end: 200? 150?

The DHEA range was 102-416. I’m ajust now starting to research all of this and so I really don’t know how much I would end up on… I guess I just have to play it by ear and take this dose for a couple of months.

The dr wants to bring my estradiol up at first since it’s so low. Then I’ll adjust. It’s at 10 pg/ml and she said it should be in the 20-30 pg/ml range or so. Is that not preferred on TRT?

This is a fail. For life long trt you must start low. Starting at 200 a week what a shock to you system. You will be led to believe you need an AI cause your e2 will take many weeks to stabilize on this high dosage.

Less is better.

I suggest starting at 100 a week divided in 2. Just take the prescribed test and don’t tell doc. Then you have enough test to go higher

No worries your estradiol will go up as soon as you start an injection. Which is good.

I would not worry about dhea at this point. You already are messing with 2 variables - t and hcg

OK so I reread what you wrote you’re actually doing 50 mg three times a week for a total of 150. I still suggest doing a total of 100 to start. You can always go up. A lot of mistakes guys make is they start high then they try to go low and it is much harder to dial-in.

I think I’ll do 100 mg split into 3.5 day injections to start. I’ll probably go ahead with the hCG as well. Thanks

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This is a good idea. Since your SHBG is not super low, you could probably get away with over 100mg a week and be OK, but you are also taking HCG.

Its true what Charlie is saying about it bumping up your E2. In this regard, it is better to start lower, and then bump up as needed. Easier to find sweet spot this way also.