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Dose Question, Transitioning to 2x/Week Subcutaneous Injections

I have been on TRT for 8 months and have had some great results.
-Gained 5 lbs of muscle
-Total Body Weight down 5 lbs to 185 lbs.
-Body Fat down 5% to 9.9% BF.

Only issue I’m still concerned with is lack of morning wood, erection quality, etc.
I will be running new labs soon to see where I’m at and will give a full positing.

Ok, Heres the question:
I’ve currently just transitioned from 1X per week shot of 240mg test to 2X per week shot of 120mg test, intramuscular. Now, I would like to transition from intramuscular to subcantaneous injections. My quesiton is, is 120mg of test (2X per week) going to be a shock to my system (since it’s Sub-c)? Or should I decrease the dosage when I transition to sub-c?
Last time I ran labs my Total Test was 739 ng/dl, free Test was 21.6 pg/ml, and sensitive Estradiaol was 24.9 pg/ml.

the experience is that injecting for example 40mg 2x a week=80mg a week is similar to injecting 100mg 1x a week. What is your AI doasge?
If 24.9 was on day of injection,i wonder if other days e2 may be higher causing erection issues. Thats my problem but i dont have an ai yet. Most days I need viagra maybe 1-2 days a week i get and maintain erection (must be when e2 is at a good level.

I’m pretty sure I’m an AI over-responder, becuase .25 mg armidex 2X per week at the beginning of TRT crashed by E2. So, I stopped AI for a month or two. Once I noticed my E2 was at 24.9, I started taking .0125 mg armidex, 2X per week. Not sure where my E2 is at now.

So are you recommending that if I go sub-c, that I should take about 80mg test 2X per week and see how that goes?

I definitely have not fully dialed my TRT protocol in, but hopefully I’m getting closer.

is it your personal experience?

Mainly TRTis 100 mg a week total. Maybe you are a hyper metabolizer. You are doing 240 a week. So maybe do 200 mg a week (100 2x) to start since you are doing 240 now. Then you can adjust after 4-6 weeks after you take new labs.

@jagt and no its not my personal experience. But I said that based on reading on this forum and others and thats the consensus. check this out guys. https://youtu.be/UH1yTqt1sK8

BTW am injecting 50mg 2x a week total 100 a week sub q. never did IM.

Also description under video confirms:

  1. Since you’re injecting two times a week, the testosterone is more smoothly metabolized and might even bring estrogen levels down.

  2. Dr. Crisler believes this method gives you more bang for your testosterone buck. He says that 80 mg of subQ testosterone has the effect of a 100 mg of testosterone administered intramuscularly.

Thanks Charlie, what size syringes/needles do you use for the sub-c?

You need to get SHBG tested, this determine how often you inject T per week, if low you simply need more shots. Repairing venous leakage takes the longest to resolve.

I use 29# 1/2" .5ml. So if your test cyp is 200mg/ml. you inject .5ml 2x a week. It takes a couple minutes to draw the oil but its painless when injecting. good luck man.