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Dose of Tren Too Low?

I could do with some advice: Would running trenbolon for 4 weeks at 250mg/week in divided doses show any results? (the Tren is a 50/50 blend of enanthate and acetate)

Im also running Test. at 500mg/week for 10 weeks.

Would such a short and low dose of Tren be a waste?


Absolutely not a waste.

Probably just about right actually, depending on your response to tren.

50mg ED usually does it just right with tren ace.


World’s right. I think people overdose the tren. More is better and all that. 250mg/week is probably going to do you real nice.

Since it’s a blend, I would inject it eod. But that’s just me.

The lower dose will be fine, especially coupled with the test enathate.

I would personally use it ED @ 40-50mg/day due to the tren ace.

Agreed. Even 200mg EW is enough of a dosage to see and feel very tangible results from tren. To a degree more is better but there certainly is a point of diminishing returns. IMO 300-450mg a week [I know that’s a broad range] is your sweet spot. Above 500 or 75mg ED you start extending beyond what many can tolerate and where more does not become better.

The thought just occured to me and others have probably voiced it but a 5-3 or 2-1 ratio of test to your nor19 is often advised and recommend. A classic second cycle is 500mg Test and 300mg of Deca. Maintaining a 2-1 ration 500mg of Test to 250mg of Tren or 750mg of Test for 375mg of Tren seems to be just about right.