Dose Hasn’t Changed but Levels are Through the Roof on Recent Labs?

I recently had my labs done and my initial labs were at 80mg 2x/ week and the doc increased me to 90mg 2x/ week after my labs a year ago. I’ve been that for about a year now and got my labs drawn and my levels were really high. I haven’t been working out as much due to being busy at work, my only thought is “my body isn’t using it” but that’s not really how this shit works.

I have a visit with the doc but was wondering if anyone had any insight as to why my levels would be so high? Bloodwork was drawn before injection on my trough day, I was even racking my brain to think was I dumb enough to get my blood drawn afterwards but I definitely didn’t do that lol.

You increased 20mg per week on dosage, but your TT doubled?

Something else is going on.

Are you injecting IM or SubQ? I’ve heard some people have issues with consistency when injecting SubQ

Shallow IM into Ventroglute

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Any chance you have your SHBG results from before and after?

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Unfortunately I don’t

Are you on anything else?

Ya 1000mg of tren every day, lol no I’m not on anything else. No AI, no hcg, no sarms, no orals, just 90mg of test Sundays and Thursdays.
I got a new protein powder recently :man_shrugging:t3:


Assuming no variation in medication, trough measurement then SHBG would provide some indication of why your TT increased. But then I see what appears to be Quest ED fT (ref range 35-155 pg/ml) values as well. The linearity between the TT and fT tells me SHBG is not the issue and there was either a significant shift in what you are injecting or your elimination rate of free T changed drastically.



The second data point looks like a trough and the third looks like a peak assuming the former dosage/frequency applies to the 2nd data point and the later dosage/frequency applies to the third.

To clarify, please provide weekly equivalent injection amounts? 90 mg/week or 180 mg/week for third data point?

180mg/week labs were done on Thursday morning and last injection was Sunday night @ 90mg. Does a change in exercise have any relevance? Lol that’s legit the only thing I can think of or the test is misdosed

Thanks for clarifying.

Your latest numbers fall within range of what one would expect when injecting 180 mg/week (2x per week injection frequency):


Very interesting your serum fT and TT increased ~80% for a 12.5% increase in weekly dose with no change in dosing frequency.

Taken at same time relative to your injections?