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Dose Effect Question

Something funny happened on the way to the pharmacy for TRT. The doc after removing me from about 420mg topical, after I ate a pound of black licorice, more or less, the day before my check up test and scored a T34. I pretended to be shocked and depressed and he moved me off the topical to the 0.5ml per week HRT Cy dose.

Only the script refill is every month. So despite the prescribed dosage I use 500mg a week (because I have 3cc needles I actually use 600mg for 3 weeks then use 200mg on week 4 to finish off)

I was confused by what I actually had here the first month when I had plenty left in the vial but the refill date said I could call in–which I did. Long story made slightly less long to get to the question now as I realize I’m not really TRT anymore but sort of low end perma-AAS.

First 2 weeks I moved to 600mg I felt it. It didn’t feel the same or as good as when I’d taken 5 d-bol tabs a day for a single 4 week cycle years and years ago. But I felt the energy, the good mood, the horniness, the positive outlook, etc.

I was pretty happy but I still had this extra. So I did two weeks at 1200mg to finish it off as a sort of mini-blast and cruise. What’s weird is when I read through AAS forums about that dose to look at a preponderance of the anecdotal testimonials it seemed like the hardcore guys considered more than 2gm a waste but thought 12-1500mg per week was almost magical.

I’m fine, healthy, gaining strength, haven’t bloated and my junk works fine. But I no longer feel that “I’m Captain America” buzz and I’m not as bouncy or with perpetual hard ons anymore. The first week I took 600mg coincided with normal blood screen and my T was in the 800s and I don’t have the numbers off the top of my head but the rest of the panel was just fine according to the doc.

What gives gurus? Why did 25-30mg of d-bol make me feel like Superman but 600mg of Tes C not as much and 1200mg which is suppose to, in the bro-science preaching I read, sort of be the start of the ‘magic’ range for effects, seem to make me feel no different than half that dose?

I have not blown up in mass or ripped out in strength. Both are good but I’m too old too perma=bulk and don’t mind slow gains…but this just feels all rather, not overwhelming.

As far as I can tell the only bad sides was #some# ball shrinkage and back acne. But I assume once I drop back down the nads will rebound and the acne was pretty mild to start with and OTC has kept it pretty well in check.

Did I expect too much or do I sound like a non-responsive sort of user?

How soon after you upped the dose to 600Mg a wk did you get bloodwork? Sounds like your not giving it enough time plus bouncing around dosages so quickly like that is not the best idea

Perhaps you might be right in that I was expecting “more” from an injectable and thus, too much. I want to say I got the blood test at some point of just over a week but not quite 2 full weeks after the first 600mg injection–and I felt great that first week.

It took me awhile to figure how much stuff extra I really had so I would say my dose pattern went something like this: 420mg per week tes topical application 2 years HRT. 1 month 100mg Cypionate per week. About 2 months of 600mg per week (I still had enough extra from the 1st bottle to not have to go down to 200mg on the 4th week). Then I finally stopped just eye-balling it and sat down and worked out how much I had and dosages. At that point I realized I would never “catch up” using 3cc needles. I decided to blast 1200mg for 2 weeks at 2 shots which I’ve now done. I have just enough that I’ll take 800mg this week then start the long term of 600mg x3 weeks and 200mg x1 week pattern.

And I have no science to back up anything I’m talking about, I freely admit. It was just when I decided to do the short blast style to get rid of the extra (doubling my normal dose) I just didn’t feel that much different than I did on 600mg. Reading through some powerlifting forums and steroid .com forums people were just talking so hopped up about the 1200-1500mg dose that I thought it’d be something crazy feeling.

I had results. I have results. I’m not saying it’s not working–just that it doesn’t have anywhere near the superhero feel I read people talking about. I just figured someone around here has been at this dose before and could tell me what they experienced.

Hope that was a little clearer.

You are not giving the higher dose a long enough time to build up in your system. If you want to increase the dose, do it for at least 8-10 Weeks. I think your experience will be much better.

If you want to have an accurate blood reading you need to stick with a dose for 4 to 5 Weeks then get your blood test. I would not get this treat done through your doc because your total t will be off the chats especially if you plan to run 1200Mg a week.

I get what you’re saying now. 2 weeks was too short a blast since it was basically a one time bump in an otherwise level usage (600mg) so I would have needed at least twice as long at minimum to really “feel” the 1200mg dosage.

Makes sense–thanks for the explanation.