Dose Adjustment

As of last December or so I have been injecting EOD of test cyp at around 90 mg a week. I started a little lower and worked up. I was feeling decent and then about a month ago started to feel tired, and just out of sorts sometimes, little depression too which is unusual for me. As of last Thursday my sleep has been terrible and it feels like the crash I had when I stopped absorbing test cream but not as bad. Some night sweats too.

My question for people that have been on test for a long time and for those in the medical field. Is it common to have to go up after a period of time? I have gained some decent muscle but really I just want to feel good and sleep well. OR is the dose too high? Seems like the former but every time I think I know what is going on it’s the opposite. It feels like my body is processing test cyp quicker or my body over time needs more? I will do a lab tomorrow and about 3 months ago I was at trough the total was around 560 and free about 100.

Thank you for your input it is appreciated.

What was the lab range?

No. Sometimes at the beginning there is a period where your natural body is still producing T along with you injectable T and then you feel a dip when natural T cessation happens. After 6 months, doubtful. You’re correct to get labs though and see what’s going on.

Lab range was something like in the 900’s like 960? I’m hoping the labs can tell one way or another. One other thing is I started taking amlodapine for high blood pressure and doubled the dose a month ago. I had a lot of the side effects and did wonder if that was causing the issues. If my testosterone comes back in range I will have to make the decision to go up or down. I did cut back the amlodapine and am feeling better. It was doing a number on my stomach along with rashes on my ankes that looked like little blood blisters. Thanks for the reply.

Think you just need to raise your dose. It’s not an artifact of you needing more as you go along on TRT, it’s that your dose is too low to begin with.