Dosages\toxity etc of winstrol

Hello, im kinda new to this, been working out for about 8months and i havent deared touch drugs yet, but i’m very curios about winstrol (orally). And im wondering, how toxic is winstrol? a friend of mine sayd if i drink about two litres of water a day it’s neutralized. And how big should the dosage be a day? how many tabs, once \ twice a day? sorry for my ignorance to this but, im trying to learn :slight_smile:

75-100mg of winstrol orally is a fairly average dose. Generally people stack winstrol with another compound but this isnt a requirement or anything. As for toxicity, winstrol, being 17-aa will raise liver enzyme levels. However, i’ve read many things that suggest that the liver toxicity of winstrol and similar drugs is much overstated. While i wouldnt stay on it indefinetly, 6-8 weeks shouldnt cause you any problems at all. I think the water thing is complete B.S. but if you are concerned about liver toxicity, a supplement like milk thistle will help.

The half life of winstrol via oral is 6-9 hours in the bloodstream, so you would need to space your dosages out along those lines, i would say at least twice per day.