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Dosages for Different Kinds of Test

In the past I’ve always taken either Test C or E which are more or less identical so the dosage was always the same whenever I’d switch between the two. My question is, if I switch to Test Phen. how to I determine my weekly dose? It’s not a straight conversion, is it? If I took 750 mg of Test C/week would I also take 750mg of Test Phen?


That is a rough chart of the precentage of active hormone per weight of estered hormone.
So if you have 100 grams of test phenylpropionate then you muliply it by the 0.66 and get 66 grams of active test. To find the equivalent dosage of test enanthate divide 66 by .70 and you get a little over 94 grams of test enanthate.

That phenylpropionate ester is deceptively large for it’s half life.

You can workout the equivalent dosage to X amount of test cyp or enanthate from there.

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Awesome. Thank you