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Dosages for 2nd Cycle?

Hi, I’m 65kgs , 169cms tall, bf around 13-14%
Last year I did my first ever cycle test e, deca and anadrol, gained 8kgs in 12 weeks, lost 3 after PCT…
So I’m planning to do a bulking cycle once everything is back to normal and the gym reopens…
This is what I’m planning to stack

  1. Sustanon 250,tren a and bolde
  2. Sustanon 250, bolde and mast

What dosages you guys suggest? Shall I keep the test mast tren equal or test slightly lower than tren and bolde.

On my last cycle as I mentioned I used deca but it didn’t suit me, as tren belong to same family will it affect the same way

This screams you should bulk properly without roids.

This reads as you’ve never done any research on tren. It’s one of the harshest drugs an should only be used by very experienced lifters and steroid users which you are both not.
That being said, no it doesn’t have to affect you bad. But it likely will anyways.

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