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Dosage Timing on 3 Days a week

Hello Tnation,

I’m really bad at math and was wondering if someone could help me out with my dosage/timing.
I was prescribed 150mg a week - .25ml 3 times a week. What would be the best timing protocol for this dosage for 3 times a week? I was thinking AM monday, wendsday, friday. My only concern would be the drop off over the weekend.

Would every 3 days be a better idea? if so what would be the dosage that would be equivalent to 3 times a week at 150mg a week.

Thanks in advance.

You would do 50mg M/W/F, assuming your vial is 200mg strength, then .25ml would be 50mg. Once you reach a stable state, there’s no drop off do to building up the half lives in your system over the first 6 weeks.

This M/W/F is super easy to remember and compliance is priority number one in TRT. If you did every 3 days, injection days would always be on different days, unless you set recurring alarms on your smartphone if requires a lot of thought if you’re super busy all the time.

Perfect. Appreciate the input!