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Dosage Of This Preworkout?


I was looking for a preworkout without caffeine and I found this product :


What do you think about it? In terms of ingredients and dosage.

I use it for the last 3 days and I like it so far (great pump all day long)


I think you answered your own question. If it’s working, keep using it till it doesn’t.
For me, most preworkouts are only effective for a short while. The effect seems to wane after using for a while.


For sure I will continue to use it as long as it works well !

I asked especially if some had already use a similar preworkout and their opinions on the dosage of the ingredients.


Honestly, this is complete garbage, completely underdosed ingredients, look for something that has 7-8gm Citrulline Malate, 3-4gm Beta-Alanine, 3-5gm Creatine


Given the expense of preworkouts, which, as mentioned are often just caffeine-laden concoctions, it pays dividends to bulk buy the raw ingredients to make your own. Here is what I currently run:

10g cluster dextrin
20g peptopro
electrolyte powder
3g glutamine
5g creatine
5g citruline malate
5g beta alanine
5g taurine
5g tyrosine
3g leucine
2g carnitine

I also take teacrine, fenugreek, digestive enzymes, C8 MCT oil, ursolic acid, HMB, (sometimes lower dose of BHB salts) and some Indigo 3G - and that’s just pre-WO. A lower dose of the above can be consumed intra-WO. Yes, it’s kitchen sink stuff but I have noticed a difference training at a higher intensity for 50-90 mins including better recovery.


Wow !! You really take it all before every training session??


Yep. I have a lot of the stuff stored in those little protein towers labelled. Quick enough to concoct. I really should patent that and sell it at £57 a kilo tub!


Man, it’s good if it works for you. As you say you like it and you have a good pump - it means that ingredients and dosage are suitable for you.
This preworkout is not overloaded with not necessary ingridients so it’s a good preworkout:)