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Dosage of Peptides

Don’t want to look like an ass or break any rules . I have some basic questions about peptide dosage. Can I post a pic of the item and ask some questions?

Welcome tacoed what peptides are you talking about? If you want to just post an ad for some peptide company I would not do that.

No sir not an add just some basic questions that I need help with
I’m 54 , in shape eat clean lift / run 4/5 days per week wt is 203 but at 28 % Bf .
I’m on TRT / HRT 300 ml of test c per week
1 cc of B12 per week
However , i want to get much leaner so I just bought 2 bottles of this I pam and would like to use it for fat loss . What’s the best way . A ) 1 injt of 3 IUs a day ?
B) 2 injt of 2 IUs per day one Am and one PM or
C) 2-3 IUs 3 times per day ?

Next question- i have Basc water how many cc of water do i mix in each vile to have a good mix ?
I’d like to make both last 4 weeks if possible.
And 4 weeks at 3 IUs per day if that’s a good iu dosage for fat loss .

The appropriate clinical dosage for many peptides is currently unknown, esp given the fact many of these peptides have little to no human trials conducted. Thus it’s a crapshoot.

Peptides and research chemicals are remarkably interesting drugs, the problem is without adequate clinical data on many of these drugs we can only guess how they’d affect humans by looking at the drugs chemical structure or by looking at rodent models.

Btw, 1IU means nothing if we don’t know the concentration per IU then we can’t even give you an estimate of what dose to use.

By ipam I assume you’re talking about ipamorelin.

Man tacoed 300mg/wk is not TRT it’s blasting. I’m currently blasting at 380mg/wk but it is only for 12 weeks then I am back down to 120.
How is your HCT holding up do you have to donate blood to keep in under 52%?

I currently take Sermorelin Ipamorelin 3months on and 1 month off or low maint lvl.
Rec. dosages:
High dose: 1000mcg Sermorelin + 500mcg Ipamorelin qhs
Low/Maintenance dose: 500mcg Sermorelin + 250mcg Ipamorelin qhs

I’m 65 by the way just so you know you are not talking with some 20 years old with no real experience. T/sarms/peptides effect us older guys differently.

google peptide calculators to get your mix right. It will look like this. click image for larger pict.

Yes Unreal I am talking about -Ipamorelin / CJC 1295
… so now I’ve read about IUs my question is still how much water / and best dosing for fat loss … I’ll be getting a mixing guide / instructions with it but I’d still like advice .

take this man’s advice…

Thanks gents . Mucho Apreacho :tumbler_glass::us::taco:

So I got the IPam and cjc 1295 and it is Ipamorelin cjc1295 (50) Mg … the instructions state to use 10 ML of Basc water and inject 1ml each night ?? That’s seems totally off from what I’ve been reading ? And a lot of product each day to use ? That would have a 10 ml vile only lasting 10 days …
Re: jevity Ipamorelin cjc1295 (grf 1-29)
50mg is what’s on the label …
any insight/ advice ?

That doesn’t sound right. Ipamorelin is usually dosed at 200-300mcg/d, no? So 50mg would be 50,000mcg. That means at 200mcg/d it would last 250 days. The way they’re telling you to take it would be 5mg/d, which is pretty aggressive.

Just to add to this, you wouldn’t use 10ml of water to get your solution. Because 10ml of water + the total water displaced by the powder would = >10ml.

You find the displacement rate for the powder, adjust the water downward to make it a round number, and then end up with a vial that contains 10ml of total solution with the concentration of 5mg/ml. From there you dose it in IUs. 1IU=50mcg. So if you wanted to take 200mcg/d you’d inject 4IU.

So I’m confused now but added the 10 ml of water spoke to my TRT doc and did .2 of a insulin syringe in ab / sub Q

So this is the text that i finally received back -

At this reconstitution rate, .1ml (10ius) would be 250mcg

So would 6 units a day / insulin syringe be a good dosage ? 2 Units 3 times a day ?
That’s what I’ve been doing.

So take it at night - and take 6 u of an insulin syringe?
Asking your advice-

Yeah my TRT doc didn’t have any issue with me taking it 3 times a day - I’ve read several forms that state day ( early AM or late PM are fine for IPam with cjc1295 )
I’m basically using a .25 ML 3 times a day which was what I had been prescribed with HGh on a shoulder injury back in 2010 . It’s only been 3 weeks so no way to notice anything yet . ( how long have you be on IPam ? And what have you noticed as results ? ) I’m very curious you’re excited to see how this works . I Appreciate your advice and input