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Dosage of AI with Test Cream?


New here. I am currently working with a local doctor who currently only willing to offer me compounded testosterone and an ai, i am soon getting hcg. My question for KSman or others is regarding dosage of ai with test cream. I am dosing at 100mg per day and 1.5mg per week ai currently and in my first week.

I have read most of the forum and understand that creams aromatize test more readily than injections. I am trying to warm my doc up to injections, but in the mean time, before my first follow up blood test, what dosage anastrozole would you suggest while using the transdermal cream.

I see with injections you recommend 1mg per week. Also, what dosage hcg would recommend if different than the 250iu every other day?

Thyroid is normal. He put me on just test cream and my e2 went from 22 to 55 and he then put me on the ai.